Friday, April 13, 2012

Girly tid-bits

It is the last stretch of Spring break and it is a rainy mess outside. A perfect wet and gloomy day to stay in and get cozy. Who is the bonehead that takes her squirly kids out on errands in this weather you ask!? ME! Ha ha! Ugh! Not my very best idea, but I couldn't imagine an entire day stuck indoors with them. The silly squirrels get squirly for sure! ha ha!

Anyway, in wrapping up Hayden's room-refresh, I thought I would talk about the other details of her room. Some stayed the same, a few changed, and all in all it was a successful refresh :)

FIRST - you must take a look at the "before" pics so that you can clearly see why a refresh was in order. Take a look (& try not to cry when you see the m-e-s-s).

1. Dresser/changing table (sorry about the icky cell phone pic)

2. bed along the window making the curtains impossible to open and close easily. MESS!
3. Closet of doom. Look at that mess! The house shaped toy shelf is jammed with those creepy babies and animals. ha ha. Ewe!
(this above picture literally gives me hives)

Now let's get to some refreshed "after" shots, k!? Phew! that was rough.
We are currently in potty training mode over here so I thought it was an ok time to ditch the changing pad on the dresser. I definitely wanted to add more play space on the floor for playing and I felt like eliminating the giant yellow dresser from the room would be a good idea. However, it was painted especially for her by yours truly, and we really need the clothes storage. Like, really!!! She's quite the fashionista :)

It ended up here. The top of the dresser is still in progress, but you get the gist. Ideally I would like to ony have the laundry basket live up there and everything else be cleared. Ideally. Right now it holds storage bins, rain boots, etc.

Oh - and here's a shot of her magnet board wall that is still in full effect. It's a bit messy looking, but she loves it so it stays. Plus, spackle is not my friend and there are a ton of holes under there. ha ha!

The next big change that occurred was the bed moved away from the windows to the other wall. I can not tell you how much better it is to have the curtains more easily accessible.

I had totally forgotten that I had this adorable vintagey looking twin sized chenille quilt in the linen closet. I purchased it loooong ago from Ross for $9.99. I had no real plan for it, but I loved it and it had to be mine. Here's a close-up for you...
Just look at those cute dots and pom pom trim. {LOVE}.

Of course the bird-a-lier stayed put and is still one of my favorite projects to date :)

Since the yellow dresser moved into the closet, the dollhouse shelves needed to be moved out. Take a look:
It's definitely much easier to maneuver the curtains behind the shelves. MUCH easier. I didn't get a great pic of the wall with the windows unfortunately and am too lazy busy to take one at the moment.

The last part of the switch-eroo was to put her little bookcase on the wall where the dresser was. It's much smaller in scale and doesn't make this side of the room feel so heavy. Plus, my girl loves her books :)

(note: I plan to get rid of that ugly lamp asap. I want to find a cute lamp to go on top of the white cabinet on the left side)

All in all, while I didn't actually add to the square footage of floor play space, the layout is much more open and airy feeling and I think everything turned out great. Hayden loves her "new" room and that is really all that matters in the end.

I hope you are having a safe, warm, and happy Friday! Please cross your fingers for me that the flea market on Sunday doesn't get rained out. I am dying to get my thrift on ;)

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  1. it looks so cute and vintagey! love the pops of aqua and yellow and how cute is that bedspread! SO cute. :)

  2. It turned out so great, good job! And that quilt is awesome, I love it!

    Ps congrats on the tt&j feature!

  3. It all looks very beautiful in there - very Big Girl Room. She's a lucky girl!

  4. So pretty! I love the gallery wall, and of course the bird-a-lier. I would have had to buy that cute chenille quilt, too!

  5. The yellow dresser is beyond awesome!!!! You did a great job.

  6. what a sweet (perfect) room for a little girl, I bet she loves it!

  7. I love the mix of vintage with the fresh modern colors! It's just bright and happy! What a lovely room!


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