Thursday, August 16, 2012


Happy Thursday Friends. The kiddos and I are headed to the beach today but I had to pop on to tell you what happened yesterday. Ok, here's the back story:

Before Hayden was born, I bought here this ADORABLE little piece of toast on Etsy. Ok, I know you are thinking, what!!? There is this cute Etsy shop called Yummy Pancake and she sells the cutest "crochet type" food items. I thought that it would probably be the cutest thing if my daughter's "security item" was a piece of toast. Haha, too funny!!! She doesn't have a pic of Mr.Toastee on there, but here's her shot of Mrs.Toastee. Isn't she adorable!? Mrs.Toastee didn't exist when I purchased Mr.Toastee, otherwise she would have been my choice.

 Anyway, here is a picture of Hayden with her toastee as a baby...(approximately 11 months old)

Well, as luck would have it, Hayden is a typical kid. She fell in love with a satin blankie and Mr.Toastee never won her heart. But, it has been on her shelf looking cute. Until yesterday.

Do you want to see what I saw when I went into the kitchen yesterday afternoon??? Brace yourself.

DIPPED IN GOOEY CHEESE!!!!!!!! Seriously Hayden!!!?? What the!!?
Haha, luckily he cleaned up ok and now he is safely out of reach. Sheesh! Poor guy!

Just wanted to share my funny story. Happy day to you :)


  1. That is too hilarious! & why she would even think toast would be good dipped in cheese is even funnier ;) silly Hayden. xo

  2. Too cute! She wanted a snack!

    Andrea @

  3. That is HYSTERICAL1! God I love kids! )

  4. Mr. Toastee is totally adorable! And who doesn't love cheese?

  5. hayden is adorable of course as you know, but hello mr. toastee! move over chris, i have a new mister in my life!

  6. Too funny! That's the cutest piece of toast I've ever seen!

  7. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't that look like a piece of crocheted "cheese" on Mrs/Mr Toastee? Hayden was just giving it what it wanted?

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm totally getting a Mr. Toastee if we ever have any more children! I love him! Maybe I'll just buy one for myself... Such a cute story!

  9. Guess Mr. Toastee was not so tastee! :P

  10. Oh my gosh this is soooooo funny! I love kids! hahahahaha!

  11. love it!
    you never know, she may fall in love one day - maybe he'll be on a shelf in her dorm room one day :)


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