About Me

I am the wife of my FIRST true love Josh. The mommy to my SECOND true loves Noah and Hayden. And my THIRD true love is crafting and DIY. That is how my blog got it's name.

Hi!! I'm Ali. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)
I am a a happy mother of 2 living out all of my dreams here in sunny southern California. I am definitely solar powered and have never been to a beach I didn't like. I have been crafty and creative for as long as I can remember, and have recently fallen in love with DIY furniture and home decor makeovers. This blog is all about me and my life as a wife, mother, and crafty DIY'er (note: you probably won't see too many recipes here.....I have no business being in a kitchen. Ha ha - much to my husband's dismay). Thanks SO much for stopping by, and hopefully you'll find something you like here and follow me along on this crazy journey called life.