Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Sheet Wreath - from MD to CA

Happy Memorial Day people! My flag is flying high outside today. I am proud to live in this wonderful country and call it my home.

I am back from MD and settling in nicely. A few of my breakables didn't survive the flight home (Southwest is not so gentle with checked baggage apparently) but most of my treasures made it through the adventure. RIP Reamer and Angel :(

Moving on.
When I arrived at Cassie's beautiful house, I immediately got settled in to her beautiful guest room. I unpacked my clothes into the gorgeous chalk painted vintage dresser and made myself right at home. Shortly after, Cassie came in and uttered words that made me happier than a bird with a french fry.

"Anything you want to use out of my craft closet, feel free. What's mine is yours."

H*ly Cr*p!

I stood there a bit stunned in front of the 2 big closets filled to the brim with goodies.

"I may need a few minutes to think about it............uhh.........uhhh....WOW."

Seriously people, angels sang when the closet doors opened. I will never be the same again.

First on my Cassie's craft supply agenda was to make a vintage sheet wreath. She had recently made one of her own so the tutorial was fresh in her mind. Take a look here to see hers. is mine (hanging on her beautiful turquoise door)!!!
All of the supplies previously lived in her wonderful closet of happiness. Well, OUR wonderful closet of happiness (hee hee). The perfectly perfect summery patterned vintage sheet, the pretty layered canvas flower, and a ball jar filled with buttons and baubles.

After a bumpy ride in the baggage compartment, this beauty made it all the way to CA in one piece. Here is where she lives now :)

You can also see below on the mantle some of my new milk glass pieces. Milk glass is super sturdy and not one piece broke in transit. Yay!

I tried to move the clock and fill in with more milk glass. I couldn't make it work though because I kept looking there for the time and getting annoyed that the clock wasn't there. Do they make milk glass clocks?? Hmmm. haha!

I'm still sprinkling some of my new finds around and have a couple projects to work on. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a fabulous week ahead of you!

Happy happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yum - Moo - Oink

FRIDAY!!! Friday :( Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Today is my last official day in MD visiting with Cassie and her wonderful family. We have had sooo much fun and while I desperately miss my own sweet family, I am sad to leave my friend. Why do MD and CA have to be soooooo far away from each other?! Booo USA, Booo. Seriously bad call!

Moving on.
Yesterday Cassie took the kids and I to the South Mountain Creamery to feed the baby cows. This is a free activity that happens daily at 4pm. Seriously people, one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Feeding baby cows is much different than feeding human babies, but it did make me miss my kiddos back at home! Here are some...scratch that....TONS of pictures.

They have THE BEST ice cream there! So fresh, creamy, and delicious! Sawyer is enjoying his if you couldn't already tell :)

Hey - get your own, Cassie! Ha ha!

The calves stole my heart. Their big eyes {sigh}. So stinkin' cute!

At 4pm sharp, the milk bottles make their appearance and cows start to moooooo extra loud in anticipation :)

The bottles are kind of heavy to begin with and the calves are super strong and aggressive eaters. They also get all drooly and foamy at the mouth as they chug their yummy milk. It's just plain adorable.



Oink......The piggies are just sooooooooooooooo cute!
Oh my!
It was such a fun and unique experience. I will remember it always.
Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be on a plane back to CA. I will be thrown ever so gently back into the role of a 72 hour single mom (my hubby will be at the fire house Sat-Mon). I may not survive. Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting Thrifty.....Maryland Style

HELP!!! I think I need an intervention. Packing up to come home is going to be.....well...interesting (to say the least). Cassie has been taking me to all of her thrifty honey holes and I am making out like a bandit. The thrift shops here are sooooo cheap compared to the ones back home. I may go home and and revolt against my local thrift shops because of their outrageous prices. Here are some of my finds (so far). We have plans to meet up with some friends tomorrow to go to their favorite thrift shop. Scared. Luckily, Cassie looked it up on Southwest's website and it said I could check 2 items for free. My suitcase, plus one BIG box of carefully wrapped goodies. I'm a hoarder, ha ha, what can I say!?

Ummm........yeah. Trouble.
None of the milk glass pieces in the picture above cost more than $1. The biggest one there was $.75. Seriously people!!! That one would probably cost like $20 at my local flea market. Not joking. The tall skinny ones on the left are for my friend Susie that is using them at her wedding in July. At $.25 each, I couldn't possibly leave them behind!!

I got a bunch of super cute vintage children's books. It was "Fill-a-bag for $1.50." Seriously? My goodwill charges $1 per paper back and $2 per hard back. Yep - awesome!

I'm not a cat lover by any means, but these little vintage kittens are adorable :)
I think you can expect some seriously cute vintage paper crafts from me in the near future :)

And look at this gem I picked up for my Hubby. An old favorite show of his :)

I also couldn't resist this sweet vintage Christmas Angel. I thought she would look sweet in Hayden's room during Xmas, and at $.50, she had to be mine (and if you're thinking I'm looney for even looking twice at her, I don't blame you. I tend to have "unique" taste from time to time. ha ha).
I got 2 really pretty vintage sheets (which are currently tumbling in the washing machine as we speak) and I got a souvenir reamer for my sis (we are strange, I know). She collects them and I thought of her when I saw it :)
(Here you go - sis. Aaaaall the way from Maryland just for you!)

I am excited to go out tomorrow and see what we can find. Hopefully small, non-breakable items if possible. Ha ha! I hope you all are having a great week.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wine and Design

I'm still w-a-y over here in MD enjoying some girl time at Cassie's house. We are having a blast! Last night we had a little girly get together for Wine & Design. She has done this with her friends in the past, but this was my first time :) SO fun! We decided on a painting theme. I picked some beautiful flowers from her garden and created a still life in the center of the table for us to paint. None of us are actual artists of course (well, Lynette may have a secret life as a painter but she denied it). We had so much fun and I think all of the paintings came out great :)

Here are some pictures from the evening (oh - and the lone Corona Light on the table is mine. the only non wine drinker of the bunch)

I was in charge of setting up the munchies (my specialty - ha ha)

In true MD fashion, we purchased all of the food at this sweet little Dutch market. The girl helping us check out was even wearing a bonnet.

After clipping flowers in Cassie's garden, this is what our subject matter looked like.
(She has peonies in her garden. JEALOUS).

You can see Lynette there hard at work on her gallery worthy painting. Seriously, she has skills!

I went for the more "Ali" approach and didn't try to make it look realistic. Ha ha. Much safer that way :)
This was my first time meeting Sarah, Brooke, & Lynette. They were all very sweet, funny, and super easy to hang out with and have fun!
Here are the finished products :) No two are alike, but all are pretty in their own way.
(Top left: Brooke, Right: Sarah. Bottom Left: Mine, Middle: Lynette, and Right: Cassie)

It was a great evening and now we all have something pretty to hang in our homes.
Thanks for letting me share in the fun Cassie :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Luckett's {Love}

Luckett's, Luckett's, LUCKETT'S!!!!!
Whew! What a day, what a day! Cassie, Andi, and I had an absolute blast!! It was a bright sunny day and we were shopping fools. I, of course, only bought small "packable" items but there was tons of gorgeou pieces of furniture to drool over! We met lots of super nice people and had some good quality girl time. It was awesome!! Here are a few pics.  (WARNING: Picture overload)

(Darcy - the below picture was taken for you. See why?)
I would love to have taken this chair home, but I don't think it would have fit in my carry-on :(

Shopping with these two is the best!! If only my sis and sis-in-law were here, it would have been a perfect 5-some.

Remember how I told you that I was the LUCKY winner of Miss Mustard Seed's "Who traveled the farthest to get to Luckett's" contest?? Well, her booth was the first stop of the day and did not disappoint. She sold a ton of stuff the day before but there was still plenty to pick from :)
I used my $50 credit to buy these awesome vintage marquis letters...
And this gorgeous grain-sack style table runner.

Happy happy!!!

We also spent some time in the Old Luckett's store......

Goofballs. Haha!

Tres Chic Cassie!
At the end of the day, Cassie scored this awesome industrial style bin. SUPER jealous about it. Kind of in bitter-town actually. Not gonna lie. I think she's planning to use it for an herb garden which I think is a great idea :)

Wanna see my other treasures?? Take a look....

I got my boy some marquis letters for his room.

I also discovered that along with being obsessed with my last initial "R," I also love the #4....

I got this pretty tea towel...

And these awesome vintage spools for the yards of Baker's twine that I have all tangled up at home.

It was such a happy day of treasure hunting :) Can't you tell?!

After we left Luckett's, we headed to downtown Frederick for lunch and some window shopping. Cassie and Andi ditched me for a quick modeling class and this is what they learned...
Money WELL spent girls!!!!

I am having a blast on this trip so far and the week has just begun. Monday night is wine and design!!


Stay tuned people!