Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting Thrifty.....Maryland Style

HELP!!! I think I need an intervention. Packing up to come home is going to be.....well...interesting (to say the least). Cassie has been taking me to all of her thrifty honey holes and I am making out like a bandit. The thrift shops here are sooooo cheap compared to the ones back home. I may go home and and revolt against my local thrift shops because of their outrageous prices. Here are some of my finds (so far). We have plans to meet up with some friends tomorrow to go to their favorite thrift shop. Scared. Luckily, Cassie looked it up on Southwest's website and it said I could check 2 items for free. My suitcase, plus one BIG box of carefully wrapped goodies. I'm a hoarder, ha ha, what can I say!?

Ummm........yeah. Trouble.
None of the milk glass pieces in the picture above cost more than $1. The biggest one there was $.75. Seriously people!!! That one would probably cost like $20 at my local flea market. Not joking. The tall skinny ones on the left are for my friend Susie that is using them at her wedding in July. At $.25 each, I couldn't possibly leave them behind!!

I got a bunch of super cute vintage children's books. It was "Fill-a-bag for $1.50." Seriously? My goodwill charges $1 per paper back and $2 per hard back. Yep - awesome!

I'm not a cat lover by any means, but these little vintage kittens are adorable :)
I think you can expect some seriously cute vintage paper crafts from me in the near future :)

And look at this gem I picked up for my Hubby. An old favorite show of his :)

I also couldn't resist this sweet vintage Christmas Angel. I thought she would look sweet in Hayden's room during Xmas, and at $.50, she had to be mine (and if you're thinking I'm looney for even looking twice at her, I don't blame you. I tend to have "unique" taste from time to time. ha ha).
I got 2 really pretty vintage sheets (which are currently tumbling in the washing machine as we speak) and I got a souvenir reamer for my sis (we are strange, I know). She collects them and I thought of her when I saw it :)
(Here you go - sis. Aaaaall the way from Maryland just for you!)

I am excited to go out tomorrow and see what we can find. Hopefully small, non-breakable items if possible. Ha ha! I hope you all are having a great week.


  1. That's so fun, I love thrifting and finding good deals! They don't always go hand in hand. I used to LOVE that show too, Land of Lost, haha. AND I have a reamer just like that, but I thought it was just a juicer, why is it called that do you know? I actually use mine though, I wanted a basic one and the glass ones are so pretty. I found one a Goodwill for like $12, what the heck?! Way too much. Then I saw one at an antique store for waaaay cheaper, so I got that one. Who would of thought the antique store one would have been cheaper, not me!

  2. Wow - you have been having fun :)
    I know what you mean about overpriced thrift shops. Its a joke here in California. I mean for crying out loud, they get the stuff DONATED FOR FREE!
    Good luck hauling your finds home. You know you can always ship your stuff via Fed Ex back to your house :) We did it when we were in Hawaii....alot cheaper than having to pay for extra baggage and hauling it to the airport!

  3. Hope we find some good stuff tomorrow! Good thing you can check an extra bag!

  4. awwwwweeessoommeee treasures!!!!!! thanks for my citrus reamer! love it & love you!

  5. can't wait for tomorrow.... we might need a bigger box! ;)

  6. soooo much fun! I just scrolled down and saw your other 2 posts from, hanging with Cassie and meeting Ms.MS...what more could u ask for!!! FYI, love the letters got for Noah!!

  7. Great Finds! Don't worry you can ship at a priority flat rate or just come back again!!!
    Where are you going tomorrow?

  8. A hoarder? Maybe...but I actually think you have willpower, lol! Everytime we visit my family in Ca, I come back with a boxful of stuff! But that's only because we took a van ;) It would be VERY hard to resist bringing too much, with prices being cheaper?! And, is it just me or do new undiscovered thrift stores always seem to have especially cool stuff?

  9. Great finds, Ali! That's cool about the 2nd checked bag free. Don't worry about the "hoarding." We can always do a family intervention if you get out of control, ha, ha1

  10. Awesome stuff!! It was so great to see you and I miss you so much already!! I love that land of the lost book! And note to self to fly southwest so I can bring stuff back with me :)

  11. I love that milk glass. I completely agree with you. I think my thrift stores are overpriced. Everyone else finds massive dressers for $15. That's never happened to me.


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