Friday, May 18, 2012

Ali - OUT.

HAPPY happy Friday everyone!!! The time has FINALLY come!!!! Tomorrow morning bright and early, I hop on a plane and head to Maryland! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to stay with Cassie, hang with Andi, and go to The Luckett's Spring Market - a dream come true!!!!!

Oh - AND I just found out that I won the contest on Miss Mustard Seed's blog for "who is traveling the farthest" to Luckett's!! $50 credit to her booth - oh yeah baby!!!! Awesomeness!

I will be posting a bit about my trip throughout the week (one of the benefits of vacationing with a fellow blogger) and I know I will have a zillion pictures and stories to share when I get back! Seriously!!! SO SO excited!!!!!

And - because a post isn't a post without pictures, I thought I would share some random ones with you.

Last weekend we went to a b-day party and there were pony rides!! SO cool!!!

(look at those braids - haha)
Both of my kids loved it and they kept getting back in line to ride again. Here's a shot of the adorable birthday girl :)
Happy First B-day Keala!!!! Too stinkin' cute!

I also wanted to share a couple pics from Mother's Day.
Lunch at.....Taco Bell. Ha ha! It was Mother's Day, so I sat by myself :)
Don't judge people...Taco Bell is YUMMY!

Next we went to our big outdoor mall and played in the fountain (well, Noah did)

Hayden got like 2 drops of water on her and was like this....
...and this....
for the rest of the time. Ha ha!

Last but certainly not least - a random pic of some random kid. Look at this poor baby's diaper. ha ha!!! I couldn't help but laugh :)
Seriously hilarious!

So, that's it folks! I am off for some East Coast FUN! Seeing as how I am traveling by plane, I can really only buy "smalls" at Luckett's. Hopefully the treasure hunting Gods are on my side :) I will definitely report back!!

Happy weekend to youuuuu!


  1. When I saw MMS post about the contest for the furthest traveler, I thought to myself, "I bet Ali has a good shot at winning!" That's awesome you really did! Au revoir, Ali!

  2. those pics are awesome!!! that diaper- hilarious!!!
    and can i tell you i seriously had dream after dream last night of you being here. it was just stupid little things like the first morning you were here and i said to chris, i think ali will need to sleep, i bet she will be tired, and then you jumped out of your room in your pjs. who dreams that? apparently me.

  3. Have so much fun! I'm so glad you won the MMS giveaway. :) post about what get there, and all of lucketts!

  4. Ha!! Cassie is funny!! I miss you already! xo

  5. Hope you have an amazing week Ali! I'm sure Cassie has all sorts of fun in store for you. I was at Luckeets today. No worries, I didn't buy it all, plenty of goodies left for you girls tomorrow - enjoy!

  6. I'm sure that you and Cassie are having the time of your life right now as I wash the screens and floors and walls of my screen porch ...



    And thank you so much for your very kind comment on my guest post on Friday at Cassie's!


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