Monday, May 14, 2012

Yo - Yosemite {Part 2-1}

Happy Monday everyone :)  I had a wonderful Mother's day with my kids, sister, nephew, mom, and brother. Excellent company, yummy food, & shopping. What more do we need!?

Welcome to the second edition of my Yosemite post. SO many fun pictures to share from this awesome trip. Here goes :)

Day 2 (part 1):
That little speck of brown hair is Noah sleeping all warm and cozy in the tent.

WAKE UP!!!! Ha ha, he always woke up excited for the new day...
It is cold at camp first thing in the morning...brrrrrrr.

Here's the girl with her stick :)
Hard at work!

The agenda for the day....Lower Yosemite Falls, a ride on the valley shuttle, Lunch at Yosemite Lodge, and Happy Isles nature walk. Busy busy! These pictures will all be from The shuttle and Lower Falls. There are too many to feature the whole day in just one post. Sorry for picture over load.

First up - piggy back ride from daddy :)

The shuttle is Noah's all time favorite Yosemite experience (which is admittedly a bit strange). He LOVED riding on the shuttle.

Here we are at the base of the trail.
(and yes, Josh is like 8' taller than me)
A quick hike in and.....

(below: disregard strange lady on boulder - yikes)

SO beautiful! The sound of the water rushing down and the light mist falling on our heads was magical.

Silly Uncle James :)
Half Dome

Yosemite Falls from afar

Group shot (I can't believe everyone was looking at the camera and smiling - n-e-v-e-r happens)
And of course, some more Pacific Dogwood blooms :)

Have you been to Yosemite?? If not, do you feel like you have now after all of my pictures?! Stay tuned for more. Put Yosemite on your bucket list people!! You MUST see this magical place with your own 2 eyes :)
Have a great week!!



  1. it looks beautiful! and i love waterfall mist!
    and that lady in the background is hilarious. ha ha!

  2. Love all of your photos!!! I WILL go back with you again!!! Xoxo

  3. I love your pictures! I can't wait to see them all! I totally just stole that group shot for my own post. Thanks! :)

  4. don't worry about picture overload - I'm sure I speak for all your followers when I say we love them! what a fun (and beautiful) trip! keep the pics coming ;)

  5. Haha! What in the heck was that lady doing?!? All your photos are definitely making me want to go back to Yosemite. Keep 'em coming!


  6. Looks like a wonderful trip! Your photos are fantastic Ali! I love Yosemite. So gorgeous. We took a family trip there every year growing up.


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