Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wine and Design

I'm still w-a-y over here in MD enjoying some girl time at Cassie's house. We are having a blast! Last night we had a little girly get together for Wine & Design. She has done this with her friends in the past, but this was my first time :) SO fun! We decided on a painting theme. I picked some beautiful flowers from her garden and created a still life in the center of the table for us to paint. None of us are actual artists of course (well, Lynette may have a secret life as a painter but she denied it). We had so much fun and I think all of the paintings came out great :)

Here are some pictures from the evening (oh - and the lone Corona Light on the table is mine. the only non wine drinker of the bunch)

I was in charge of setting up the munchies (my specialty - ha ha)

In true MD fashion, we purchased all of the food at this sweet little Dutch market. The girl helping us check out was even wearing a bonnet.

After clipping flowers in Cassie's garden, this is what our subject matter looked like.
(She has peonies in her garden. JEALOUS).

You can see Lynette there hard at work on her gallery worthy painting. Seriously, she has skills!

I went for the more "Ali" approach and didn't try to make it look realistic. Ha ha. Much safer that way :)
This was my first time meeting Sarah, Brooke, & Lynette. They were all very sweet, funny, and super easy to hang out with and have fun!
Here are the finished products :) No two are alike, but all are pretty in their own way.
(Top left: Brooke, Right: Sarah. Bottom Left: Mine, Middle: Lynette, and Right: Cassie)

It was a great evening and now we all have something pretty to hang in our homes.
Thanks for letting me share in the fun Cassie :)


  1. it was SO much fun! one bottle of wine for me, one for the other 3 girls, one corona for you..... loads of fun!

  2. Love it!!!! They all turned out so pretty!
    (& I love that you were sitting right next to Cassie blogging and she was the first to comment - you girls are toooo funny!!!)

  3. Wow! These are all different, but really, really good. I guess I'm kind of glad I didn't make it...I may have embarrassed myself!! (kidding about being glad).

  4. The paintings are all beautiful! And yours is wonderful, too, Ali!

  5. We need a wine and design stat. That sounds like soooo much fun.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time and I miss you!

  6. what an awesome trip, it looks like you're having so much fun! I loved all the paintings, I'm very impressed :) Your "finds" are fantastic too - enjoy! I hope you get them all home safely.

  7. Sad that I had to miss it! You are all SO talented!!! And I should start being the beer girl at wine and design...I like it more then wine! shh don't tell Cassie ;)


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