Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's MAY!!!!!!!!
Some of you already know why I am so giddy that it's May!!!! More details to come :)
I'm on my way out to the desert for round two of snuggling sweet baby Emma.

New babies are THE BEST!!!
Happy hApPy May everyone ;)


  1. because it's no meat may for andi??? hmmmm.... oh wait.. CUZYOUWILLBEATMYHOUSEIN18DAYS!!!!!!!

  2. Oh fun!!! I'll have to try and see you when you are here...how long will you be here? From when to when?

  3. HA! Well. You can count the grand frickin' opening of our local Hobby Lobby off the May list. Bastards.
    I know. How quickly I become disloyal.
    And I'm pretty sure that May is your favorite because its my birthday month. Right? Right?!?!
    Give that sweet baby a hug from me!

  4. Something very special about the month of May!!! I heart babies.....


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