Sunday, May 20, 2012

Luckett's {Love}

Luckett's, Luckett's, LUCKETT'S!!!!!
Whew! What a day, what a day! Cassie, Andi, and I had an absolute blast!! It was a bright sunny day and we were shopping fools. I, of course, only bought small "packable" items but there was tons of gorgeou pieces of furniture to drool over! We met lots of super nice people and had some good quality girl time. It was awesome!! Here are a few pics.  (WARNING: Picture overload)

(Darcy - the below picture was taken for you. See why?)
I would love to have taken this chair home, but I don't think it would have fit in my carry-on :(

Shopping with these two is the best!! If only my sis and sis-in-law were here, it would have been a perfect 5-some.

Remember how I told you that I was the LUCKY winner of Miss Mustard Seed's "Who traveled the farthest to get to Luckett's" contest?? Well, her booth was the first stop of the day and did not disappoint. She sold a ton of stuff the day before but there was still plenty to pick from :)
I used my $50 credit to buy these awesome vintage marquis letters...
And this gorgeous grain-sack style table runner.

Happy happy!!!

We also spent some time in the Old Luckett's store......

Goofballs. Haha!

Tres Chic Cassie!
At the end of the day, Cassie scored this awesome industrial style bin. SUPER jealous about it. Kind of in bitter-town actually. Not gonna lie. I think she's planning to use it for an herb garden which I think is a great idea :)

Wanna see my other treasures?? Take a look....

I got my boy some marquis letters for his room.

I also discovered that along with being obsessed with my last initial "R," I also love the #4....

I got this pretty tea towel...

And these awesome vintage spools for the yards of Baker's twine that I have all tangled up at home.

It was such a happy day of treasure hunting :) Can't you tell?!

After we left Luckett's, we headed to downtown Frederick for lunch and some window shopping. Cassie and Andi ditched me for a quick modeling class and this is what they learned...
Money WELL spent girls!!!!

I am having a blast on this trip so far and the week has just begun. Monday night is wine and design!!


Stay tuned people!


  1. I am SO jealous!!! That hail looks awesome and I too am in bitter-town that I don't have that thing Cassie got!!!!

    xoxox I love & miss you!!!

    P.S. - it's dumb when you go places without me. especially when you get to be with OUR cool friends! :) xo

  2. I'm so glad you had a great time - and I love that pillow! Excellent shopping, Ali - I can't wait to see it all in real life!
    Oh - and tell Andi that her shirt rocks it out.

  3. Freaking jealous!! I knew I should have come down early, I love a good shopping trip :) Great finds, I'd be bitter about Cassie's find too! ha!

  4. What a fun day with the girls! And I love your finds Ali! But best of all, your made a memory that will make you smile everytime you think of it!

  5. Love your treasures!! I would have bought the same things (well, except for the NOAH letters). I need to meet you and you are so close!!! What are you guys doing on Wednesday? (My only free day as of now...of course, that could change.)

  6. Glad you're having fun! I love the Ames pillow, too. The bin reminds me of something I saw in a magazine this week---using feed troughs as planters...very cool.

  7. I was thinking of quitting my day job and becoming a super model ;) Or maybe I'll just model goat tshirts haha! Had an absolute blast! Can't wait to see you Thursday!!! xo

  8. So happy to finally meet you last night! Looking forward to more hijinks on Thursday! I hope you have room in your suitcase for more fun finds...


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