Friday, April 27, 2012

Thrifty DIY Locker Basket

Happy happy Friday, YAY!!! The weather is beautiful here in So Cal and we are ready for some weekend fun. One of my best friends is currently in labor with her first baby girl and I am SO excited to hear the news. Baby Emma is already SO loved!! I'm hoping to head out to palm Springs this Sunday to give her a squeeze. New babies are the best!!!

Earlier this week I hit up one of our local thrift stores (we are seriously lacking in the thrift store department around here). Luckily this little shop is right next to the dollar tree so I get in there pretty often. This time I picked up this big wire basket for $3. I think it's one of those wire drawers from Ikea, but I could be wrong (sorry - kind of hard to see in the below pic).

I knew exactly where I wanted to use it (no judging please). Take a look at the top of my craft cabinet (yikes).

It's so messy and cluttered. Icky (& yes, that's a punching balloon that got taken away from Noah for reasons I won't mention. ha ha). Anyway, this area needed an overhaul and this was just the basket to do it!

I decided to spray paint it aqua (my go-to color)....again, kind of hard to see it. Sorry.

I knew I needed to do something to it to make it look like more than just a boring white basket. I am always drooling over the vintage locker baskets that I see on other blogs and in Antique shops but have yet to find one that fits my budget.

Once the paint was dry, Hayden made sure it was extra durable :)

I was in Staples the other day and found the Martha Stewart section. WOW! Martha really knows how to make great products! I picked up a 3-pack of these bookplates for $3.99 and knew adding one of these would do the trick.
I spray painted it aqua to match the basket...
I thought I was going to need to use E6000 to adhere it to the basket, but the adhesive that comes on it is super strong!! I even placed it in the wrong place at first and had a bit of trouble pulling it off to adjust it. It feels pretty secure on there so I don't think I will have to use glue.
 I typed out a special label code number on kraft paper and cut it to size (my birth date if you must know)......

Doesn't it look like it was meant to be there all along?? I think so!

Wanna see the big picture??
Biggest :)
Ahhh, much better! So much more light, airy, and tidy looking. I like it :)
(ultimately I would love to paint this cabinet white and remove the wrought iron details but for now, this will have to do).
Now my vintage books and pom poms look extra chic in their fancy "locker basket" instead of icky messy. Woohoo! This was super easy and the total project cost was about $5. YAY! That is definitely in my budget :)
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. This is so clever! I have walked right past baskets like this at Goodwill many times because they didn't have the right look. I already own the MS labels so I could totally do this! I'm thinking Oil Rubbed Bronze would look really great.

    Linking to you from TT &J!

  2. Awesome job! Although, born in 79...I'm starting not to like you so much! :-)

  3. So cute! I love the book plate labels -- just the right finishing touch. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! Love love love it! It looks so good and tidy and fun and perfect up there. And the price is pretty fab too. :) You've got a great eye!

  5. Very fun! And perfect for all your supplies!

  6. i so want one! those plates totally transformed the basket. nice work : )

  7. i LOVE it! as you know! and it is from ikea- i have the same one under the dresser in the guest, i mean in your room. :)

  8. Looks great, and for such a good price (and your always creative improvements!).

  9. Ok, the book labels MADE this! Very cute! I will have to keep an eye out for those baskets, because you know they always show up!


  10. Love the basket Ali! So fun in the of my favorite colors. Also love the name Emma! Hope your friend's labor went smoothly. Babies are the best! Did you get to meet her?

  11. That looks so great! And the book plate label is perfect!

  12. Jealous. Since you pretty much just stole it right out from under me. Since we both consistently visit the same whopping 1.5 thrift stores in our town.
    LUCKY! :)

  13. This did turn out very cute! I have a ton of old locker baskets but can't bring myself to paint them. I might have to keep an eye out for a regular basket just so I can pick a fun color!

  14. That looks awesome! What a great find! I've been looking high and low for something similar- but with no luck yet...
    xo Becca

  15. So pretty, Ali! I have those baskets in my closet but I never thought about using them for craft supplies--genius! I will totally be stealing your idea of the bookplate labels--that adds such a nice touch. :)

    Sorry I've been so absent from visiting lately--I've missed you and can't wait to catch up on what you've been up to!

  16. Perfect! Hayden is growing up to fast....She looks so much older in that picture....Have a great weekend Ali....

  17. Really cute Ali! And the addition of the bookplate is perfect!


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