Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thrifty find {LOVE}

Happy Tuesday people!!!!
This past Sunday was the perfect day! Absolutely gorgeous weather!! My in laws were SO kind and watched my kiddos for me so I could take my sis in law to the Long Beach Flea Market. I am a regular there but she had never been so I was excited to show her the awesomeness. I even came away with a few (awesome) treasures. Wanna see??

First - my absolute favorite thrifty find to date....
Isn't this vintage chalkboard soooo adorable!? I am in love with it!!!!! It was the best $15 that I've spent in a while. Happy!!
Look at this sweet moo-cow. And those worn edges. And the awesome green color. {Sigh}.
I am so glad I "popped" on this. I would have regretted leaving it behind for sure! I need to add some hangers to the back and I think I will hang it on the wall between the kid's rooms. Love it!

I also picked up this gorgeous milk glass bowl. I have a $5 limit for milk glass pieces and I was sort of nervous as I was turning it over to see the price. Much to my surprise, $5!!! YAY!!!!
It is in perfect condition without any cracks or "flea bites" as the little chips are called in vintage land. I just love the shape and the details of this one...a true favorite :)

I also found this super cute milk glass swan (haha - even my sis in law approved of this little guy and she is NOT on board with my love for swans).
Again - a $5 milk glass piece in perfect condition. A must have!!!
Last but not least, I picked up some pretty white sea stars from the shell guy. He's there every time and has a great selection and great prices! I think I'm getting antsy for Summer because I've already started sprinkling beachy decor around. Living in SoCal, I think it's ok to be beachy all year round :)

I got the apothecary urn at Michael's with a coupon, and the realistic sand came from Pottery Barn. Yep - that's right, fancy schmancy sand. I couldn't find realistic looking sand anywhere else and I was trying to avoid that super smooth white craft sand. Not a fan.

I am so happy that the flea market didn't end up getting rained out, and I was able to cruise the aisles with my sis in law too. She found some awesome treasures also and I'm sure she'll be sharing them on her blog soon :)
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. I love the chalkboard!! So adorable...I've seen these before, but never picked one up...should have.

  2. i love that chalkboard! i don't know- i think i love yours more than mine. and i love the swan... he is TOO cute!

  3. Great find with the chalkboard - score!!! Love all your treasures!

  4. You have the best eye for vintage goodness!

  5. Oooooh, love the chalkboard, I want one too!

  6. Jealous! those are such great finds!!

  7. I loved going with you, Ali! It was so much fun. Thank you so much for taking me!


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