Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy. Love.

Happy Thursday everyone! I had a few spare minutes today and I got crafty. Yay! It-has-been-a-while. Haha. I am planning on making a couple changes in Hayden's room (mostly organizational changes) as it is always a jumbled mess. I can't seem to keep her room looking cute and put together. It's pretty much toy mania in there and well, it's just not doing any justice to the image in my head of what I want it to look like. Anyway, I wanted to make a couple of vintagey-cute wall hangings for her room. I first started out by printing out some letters on the computer (the font is called traveling typewriter from ...
I cut a piece of my cute yellow vintage sheet and traced the letters onto it using a fine tip black sharpie...
Then I wrapped it around a 8x10 canvas that I got on sale at Michael's a while back. I just wrapped it like a package and used a glue gun to secure it as I went along.

Next it was time to paint (btw - I am loving Martha Stewart's line of craft paints. They really do work on all surfaces!) Awesome!!
I free-handed a pretty pink heart and filled in the word "happy."

pink + yellow = happy

And here is the happy finished product :)

Like, love, loathe?? If you're wondering, I loooovvve it! ha ha! Happy!
I did a second project similar to this one and I'll be back tomorrow to show you. I'm super happy with how this little guy turned out and I can't wait to hang it in Hayden's refreshed room :)
Bye for now!


  1. Oh this is so cheery and happy! Love it!!

  2. Its very cute, I love it too! Does your other project have to do with the word love? Or were you not sure which word you were going to use??? :)

  3. SO cute!!! i love the fabric and the "happy heart"! can't wait to see the other one!

  4. This is great! Sometimes the easiest project give us the most joy :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is adorable! So fun and cheerful.

  6. Love it. Like sunshine for your home :)

  7. The toy are taking over at my house too! I love the canvas, so bright and pretty!

  8. You are a crafting genius!! Yay MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo


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