Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making some progress

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, I know I did! We are on Spring Break over here so along with doing fun stuff, I am trying...trying to get some things accomplished. I previously mentioned that I am trying to whip Hayden's room into shape. Just a bit of reorganizing and making things look pretty :) I rearranged the furniture in there a bit but will wait until the room is done to show you before/after pictures. Today I was able to check 2 things off of my looooong list, yay!
Here is a before pic of Hayden's cute little cabinet. It is a great size for her room, and the doors are made of plexi-glass so there is no risk of them breaking if (when) a toy goes flying across the room.
 I really do love the idea of doors you can see through, but let's face it people. Mass quantities of stuffed animals and creepy looking baby dolls are just NOT cute. Individually, yes, they can be cute. But this just looks like a jumble of junk and that is definitely not helping her room look "clean" and "pretty," which is the goal.

I toyed with idea of using some of my vintage sheet fabric that I used on these wall hangings, but changed my mind in fear of it all feeling too matchy matchy (I'm not a fan of matchy matchy). So, while at walmart the other day, I picked up 1.5 yards of this cute floral fabric that sort of had a vintage look to it (and, at $1.50 per yard, it was a steal)!

Here's a close-up shot of the fabric....(in person it is even cuter).

And here's the big picture for you :)
Since the print on the fabric is so small, you can't really see it in the far away shot. Oh, and it sort of does bug me a little bit that you can see the white shelves through the fabric (but definitely not enough to do anything about it - ha ha, L-A-Z-Y).

It definitely has a much more clean look to it now and the animals and creepy babies are no longer staring at us :)

I like the way it came out, and it was such an easy fix. A bit of hot glue along the edges of the doors and poof! Magic! Clean & pretty! Oh, and, the fabric will be easy to switch out down the road when she is an angry teenager and wants everything black. NOT looking forward to the teen years people! Ha ha!

Do you like it or are you clicking the "un-follow" button as we speak? ha ha!! I like it :)

The second thing I tackled today was turning this eye sore:

Into this....
Oooooh, ahhhhhhh. Life changing I tell you! Ha ha, no kidding. Shoes have been a thorn in my side around here for pretty much ever. They are always ALL over the place. Not anymore, no way! Take that shoes!! BAM!! Ha ha, ok - I've officially lost it.
I hope to be back soon with more :)



  1. Ha! Great post! And, great work! I think the fabric looks very fresh and springy. And, I'm with you on the shoes...they are everywhere in my house. Three boys that play three different sports = too many shoes!

  2. it is looking so vintagey sweet and happy!!!! i love the shoe organization!

  3. I like it a lot! Darling fabric! Great job on the shoes. I need to follow suit. I am always tripping over my own shoes that I drop everywhere.

  4. It all looks so or-gan-a-mized!!! LOL. I love it sister! Nice work!

  5. I thought Hayden's room was beautiful when I was there last weekend. Every improvement you make beautifies even more!

  6. NICE!! I think the fabric is perfect!! I love those shoe organizers! I use one inside the door of the girls' closet and use it for lotions, meds, hair stuff, etc. Works great!

  7. Those are great updates! You always choose the cutest fabrics. Hope you're enjoying the break!!

  8. It's so pretty! I love the way it hides everything. And I actually like seeing the white shelves through the fabric. The horizontal stripes give it an extra organized look in some magical way.


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