Tuesday, April 24, 2012


6 is BIG. And apparently smart, funny, witty, happy, goofy, handsome, friendly, imaginative, kind, and AWESOME!!!!!! My itty bitty tiny baby boy is 6 freaking years old! What the!!??

Our new tradition in our house is the Birthday balloon bomb. We did it for Hayden, now it's Noah's turn. Last night Josh and I tackled these.....
50 balloons (purchased in two 25 packs at the dollar tree). We must be full of hot air ;)
Shhhhhhhhhh....sleeping boy on his birthday eve night.

Look closer.....
{6} of these magical balloons had hidden treasure in them :)

Good morning birthday boy!!!!!!

He is SO happy that he is 6  :)
Hey - What's in here?!

These are the {6} treasure balloons.

POP! (ok, we actually cut them gently because none of us are fans of balloon popping)
Treasure!!!! 3 paper dollars and 3 special gold dollars. Awesome :)

Then Hayden woke up and joined the party :)

It was a fabulous birthday morning for my GIANT 6 year old baby boy (he promised me that he would always be my baby)!! Now he's at school wearing a birthday crown made by his teacher and having a happy happy day!

"I love you sweet Noah! You are the very best kid on the planet!!!! Keep up the great work and always remember that you own my heart! xo"


  1. ok that last line made me cry.... i feel the same way about sawyer (shh.... don't tell, emmy. ;) ). i love her, too, but something about those boys and their mama's hearts.
    he looks SO happy!!!!! happy birthday, noah! 6 is awesome- at least according to sawyer.

  2. Ohhh, happy birthday to the little man!! What a fun way to wake up on a special birthday!

  3. Love the birthday treasure balloons! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!!!

  4. I super duper over the moon love that boy!!!! Xo happy 6th birthday, kiddo! May all your dreams come true :)

  5. I love the birthday balloon thing, I first heard of it last year and can't WAIT till my kid is old enough to do it! Probably 2, yes?! :) Happy Birthday Noah!

  6. Happy Birthday Noah! What a sweet post Ali! He looks so happy and what a fun way to wake up to all of those balloons. Hope he had a great day.

  7. Oh what fun to wake up in a room filled with balloons! I love this idea Ali! Happy birthday Noah! Six is big!

  8. the balloons made me smile :) his smaile made me smile... Hayden joining the party (and sleeping in) made me smile :) the treasures made me smile!
    but him being 6 and getting bigger - and that last line about owning your heart, made me tear up! why is being a mom so emotional, darn it! (he'll always be your baby, that's sweet)

  9. What a fun idea, I'm so stealing that for Madison's next bday!

  10. Awwww...happy belated birthday to Noah! What a great idea Ali!

    Take care,

  11. Happy (very) belated birthday, Noah!!

  12. I hope he had a good birthday. My cousin too is not a big fan of popping balloons so he bit holes in them near the neck to let the air out. In the end he had $ 20.


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