Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hayden's Gallery

Hello there! Well people, I think I'm "done" with Hayden's room-refresh. Yep. "D-o-n-e." I know, as diy'ers, we're never really done done. However, for now, I am calling it "done."
Today I want to share with you Hayden's new "gallery" wall. You see, I moved around the furniture so the room could feel more open and airy (if that's possible in girly toy mania). Anyway, once the furniture was moved around, I was left with this big blank wall above the bed. Hmmmm.

I knew I wanted to hang the 2 wall hangings I recently made, but what else? I knew that everything needed to be relatively light weight and hung securely since it will be over her bed. Then I had a random idea (which 99% of my ideas are, ha ha).
See below.... (oh and yes- when there is measuring and math involved, the hubby must help)
(it's just a thin piece of that backer board stuff that I had laying around)
Look like anything to you yet??
How about now??
Haha! Random.
My sweet neighbor George cut it out for me with his saw :)
I thought long and hard about what to do with the giant H. Originally I planned to wrap it in cute fabric but I quickly changed my mind. There are already enough fabricky crafts in her room so I decided to go with paint. First I attached some hangers to the back with E6000 because the board was too thin to use nails.
Then I painted it a sunny yellow color called honey bird by Behr (from a paint sample I bought from home depot).
Take a look...
Wanna see where she ended up?? Take a look:
Here's a closer shot for ya...
I tried not to go overboard, as I have a tendency to do that. My goal was to simplify and clean up her space, so I didn't need to add too much. I did make this little canvas at the last minute to keep everything sort of symmetrical.
I painted some happy stripes on a canvas, and mod-podged on a cute page from one of our favorite Madeline books (don't worry, we had a duplicate copy). Then I just popped it in a frame that I had on hand. Easy.
I'm pretty happy with how it came out and from what I can tell, Hayden likes it to. I'll be back tomorrow to give an over-view of her whole happy space :)


  1. looks so cute! I love that letter! you did a great job! :)

  2. it looks adorable! i love the pop of color it all brings to the room, and love that page from madeline! :) what a happy sweet vintage room!

  3. Looks beautiful! I love Madeline :)

  4. Very cute, all of it! I really love the book page from Madeline, so clever and perfect!

  5. It totally looks like more of a big girl room now! LOVE it!
    I'm glad you gave Hayden an H for her room, so she wouldn't forget what letter her name starts with. I mean, just in case she's not looking at the 50 other H's she's had over the years. HA!
    I'm just kidding!!! This one's my favorite! I especially love how commanding it is - all bold and fantastic!

  6. Love the H and the colors!! What an adorable room!

  7. Lucky girl!! It's perfect! She must love it!

  8. WOW - I love it!
    Come do my room next, it really looks awesome :)

  9. I just love her room. The letter H came out awesome. I'd love for you to come and link up to my party that opens at 8pm EST tonight. Hope to see you there.


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