Monday, April 2, 2012

Clown Car

You know those funny clown cars at the circus where the clowns just keep coming out and coming out and coming out. Aren't they awesome!?!! Well, that's how I felt as I was taking things out of my birthday box from a certain super awesome friend in MD. Take a look at the awesome "clowns," aka crafty/vintage goodies that kept pouring out....

First - a beautiful vintage sheet (that will be rapidly turning into fabulous buntings and other fun things) and some vintage paper goods - birthday cards etc.
Next, 2 adorable vintage children's books. Can't wait to get crafty with these cuties (would you look at that baby elephant...dying from it's cuteness)!
Don't be surprised if you see this cutie framed in Hayden's room sometime soon. Seriously c-u-t-e.
After the books came this awesome vintage map of CA. I love me an old map :)
Oh, and did you have trouble focusing on the cool map because this AWESOME swan dish was distracting you??! Here's a better shot of the awesomeness that is this swan dish:
Perfection, yes?! Well for an aqua swan loving girl like me it is :)

Oh yes, there's more.
The perfect shade of aqua glitter and some handmade clay tags. Pure awesomeness!!!

And last but certainly not least, a super cool vintage seed sack. Don't have a plan for this bad boy yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something fun.
Soooooooooooooo many awesome "clowns!!" The happy sweet clowns, NOT the creepy ones ;)
Thank you Cassie! Seriously!! Nailed it! You know me too well! Look out May, the minute my plane lands in MD, it's on!!!


  1. wow!!! AWESOME loot!! still working on your gift. Maybe I should wait to give it to you when you are here ;) haha totally kidding!

  2. i am wishing and wishing and clicking my heels together and hoping that when i wake up it will be may!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  3. really nice post. love it :)
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  4. That is the coolest and least scary clown car I've ever seen! Beautiful selections, Cassie!

  5. Awesome!!!!! That is going to lead to hours & hours of crafty fun!!! xo what a fun gift!

  6. What a great birthday present! Love it all. I've seen pillows made from seed sacks on Etsy...they're great, but not really in line with your home decor.

  7. What a wonderful gift! How fun! Cassie is such a sweetheart and so thoughtful.


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