Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy. Love. PART 2

Hooray for Friday!!! Good Friday, that is!
We are having Easter celebrations at our house this weekend :) Saturday will be with Josh's family and Sunday will be with mine. The kids are SUPER excited for the Easter egg hunt in the park and to see the Easter Bunny. I will be wrapping about a billion little packages tonight after they go to sleep so the "Easter Bunny" can fill their baskets with joy a day early (Josh works Sunday so the Easter Bunny will leave their baskets for them a day early so daddy can celebrate with us)

Moving on, I wanted to share with you the second project I did yesterday while I was gettin' crafty :)
I didn't really have a plan in mind, I was just kind of winging it as I went along. I cut a piece of fabric from another vintage sheet I had on had. This time I wanted to wrap it on an 11x14 canvas.
Hmmm...what to do now??
I know, how about this??!

1. fold fabric in half.

2. Cut out a heart shape along the fold (like we all learned to do with paper in kindergarten).

3. Trace the heart shape on a family photo slightly larger than the fabric heart.

4. Cut out the heart and adhere it to the canvas. I used a thin line from my glue gun around the edge of the heart. Then line up your fabric so the heart in the fabric frames the picture heart (note: if your fabric isn't sort of see-through like mine is, you won't even need to cut the photo into a heart).

(this is where my "tutorial" fell more "in-progress" pics. Oops)
Then just wrap your canvas with the fabric like a package and glue with a glue gun as you go. try not to pull it so super tight that your heart shape gets wonky (can't believe I just said wonky).

I used craft paint to free-hand some decorative dots around the edge of the heart, and I painted the word Love using the same technique as the happy canvas from yesterday.

I wanted to give it a little something extra so I free-handed a scalloped edge around the edge of the canvas. Here is the finished product :)

Close-up of the scallops...

And here is a pic of the happy. love. together :)

I think they are pretty cute together. Not really matchy matchy, but definitely coordinated :)
Both of these were so easy to do and I really like how they came out. Vintagey cuteness is never wasted on me :)

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter/Passover Weekend!!!


  1. super cute! the craft and the family! :) and i love the border you added to this one!

  2. Ah HA! I knew it! ;) It's very cute, I love them both together like that. The fabrics definitely compliment each other.

  3. SO stealing this!!! oh my goodness. told you you were a crafting genius!!!

  4. This is seriously fabulous!!! Very creative.

  5. I love both of them - the colors, the flowers, the cuteness! Great job, Ali!

  6. I love these. I saw them in Hayden's room and they look PERFECT!!!! xo

  7. oh good golly girl! these are cuter than cuteness...i love the vintage coordination goin' on...another thing to add to my must make list :) ♥ loves to you

  8. Hey Ali, You know I'm a fan of your craftigoodness. Thanks for linking up on the Vintage Sheet Blog Weekend Link Up Party.

    BTW, is it hot enough for you? It was 99 in Huntington Beach yesterday. I'm pretty sure some of my brain cells melted.


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