Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chalkboard tins

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Tomorrow we are off to my mother in law's to celebrate Thanksgiving with my hubby's side of the family. Then on Thurs my fam is coming over to chow down (and lucky for me, my mom is still the cook in this family - phew)

Today I have an easy peasy cheap and quick craft to share with you. I was at the dollar tree and I saw these little (ugly-ish) tins (sorry for the crappy phone pic)
I love giving (& getting) gift cards for Christmas. Really, is there much better than the gift of shopping?? My answer would be NO. lol. Anyway. I typically give the gift card with some candy or small goodies instead of just putting it in an envelope. I thought these tins would be perfect for that. I wanted to cutify and personalize them a bit first (I got 3 for my trial run). First I spray painted the lids with chalkboard paint.
Then I sprayed the bases with colors I had on hand (those colors being red and aqua). Then I had fun doodling with my chalk pens :)

The only bummer, is the pattern on these particular tins wrap around to the inside :/

 If I was actually going to give these away, I would take the extra step and tape out the inside and spray the rim. Luckily these three will be staying in my stash, and I don't mind patterned rims. When I make more, I will find tins with solid bases rather than patterned.

More doodling....

So, there you go. An easy peasy craft :)

I will most likely be MIA as I stuff myself with many many carbs (& a bit of turkey too). I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!! Gobble gobble!!


  1. very cute idea, I love it! I'm so not good at seeing the potential in those uglyish items. They look so good!

  2. they turned out soooo cute! :) miss you. :( major frowny face.

  3. I love these! What a great idea. I'm off to the dollar store to see if I can find some...hmm, chalk pens? Where to find?

  4. Awesome!!! I'll take my GC to Nordies ;) xo

  5. I love your tins, too, and it was wonderful being with you today, and also your awesome family, of course!

  6. So cute! I have some fugly looking tins that I've been using to store random scraps. Now I need to get my hand on one of those chalkboard pens!

  7. I have a chalkboard love affair - don't tell my husband! These are the perfect little gift boxes - pinning!


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