Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{GROCERY} sign

Happy Fourth of July eve everyone :) Our 4th of July plans tomorrow will include a trolley ride, the beach, a bbq, and fireworks...oh, and root beer floats :)

I wanted to share a quick kitchen project I did recently. I made a sign :) Ooooh, ahhhh. lol.

First step, buy a board. I got mine at Home Depot and it was pretty poplar wood with a great color and grain to it. I had a 3.5' piece cut and was on my way.
I loved the grain and grayish color to the wood so I decided to keep it as is instead of painting over it.

Next step, pick a font.
I printed my BIG letters out individually on card stock.
Then I cut them out...
And traced them on my wood board using a pencil.
I used basic acrylic craft paint to fill in the letters...
After they were completely dry, I took out my palm sander and went to work. Once the initial distressing was done, I made a white paint/water mixture and sort of "white-washed" the whole piece to give it more of an aged look.

Here is the final product :)

close-up shot of the lettering...
And here is a shot of it from the doorway of the kitchen....
(& a teaser kitchen cabinet shot).

I was trying to wait till we got our new kitchen windows before I did any reveals. Alas, it is taking WAY too long and I am getting impatient. Kitchen reveal will be on Monday (with old windows). I'm soooooo excited to show it to you!!!!

Have a happy and safe 4th everyone :)


  1. i love it! and i love that sneak peek. and i love you!

  2. Great job on that sign!!! I am really liking the cabinets. So excited to see the reveal! Happy 4th!

  3. Oh I love the sign! Can't wait to see more! ... Happy 4th!

  4. so cute! I have a empty spot over a window that i want a sign for but i have no idea what it should say... i don't really cook. =) also, i can't wait to see your kitchen reveal. i am half way done with painting our kitchen WHITE. there is no white walls in our house... my husband can't believe i bought WHITE paint. I think it is going to make me want the whole house white! =)

  5. I LOVE IT! I hope you have a great 4th weekend.

  6. The sign looks great up there in it's little spot!! Can't wait to see the reactions of everyone after the big reveal. It is the dreamy dream xo

  7. Your 4th of July sounds awesome!! I have wanted one of these signs for AGES, one of my favorite "inspiration" kitchens had one.!! I love yours- maybe now I will get some motivation, since yours looks so good!

  8. This looks even better in person in Ali's beautiful new kitchen!


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