Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decking the Halls - Part 3 - Kiddos

First, I wanted to show you MY Christmas heart. This is how the world knows that MY tree was decorated with LOVE. This little guy is the reason I started selling my Christmas hearts on Etsy this year. My Nana put this little heart on the tree every year, and now it's my turn to carry on the tradition. I have very vivid childhood memories of it and I am thrilled to have it on my tree to share with my kids.
Ok, now on to the kid-space decorations. Not too magical, but still fun. I kind of feel like my kid's rooms are always a disaster of toys, laundry, and just kid-icky-mess. I try to keep up with it, but as most of you moms know, it's tough. I try to keep their holiday decor somewhat simple so I don't just add to the clutter. This first pic is of "Noah and Mommy's 2010 Christmas tree banner - in progress." We still have 3 more trees to go. It sort of blends in with his map, but he insists on it going there. That boy knows what he wants ;)

Pretty little trees strung across the nation spreading holiday cheer. Love it!
Noah's little tree has some of his (giant) favorite ornaments on it. Ha ha. He hung them on there all by himself and is very proud of his creation.
Hayden's room is girly girly. basically anything pink I find in the Christmas stash gets displayed here. Isn't her baby snowman on the right adorable!?
Please disregard the mountain of clothes and focus on the pretty satin balls and mini-shabby-chic-Christmas-dioramas (is that how you spell dioramas?). Cute :)
This wreath actually stays up all year, but I originally made it with Christmas in mind. So fluffy and girly. PINK!
Our "Santa's Workshop" advent calendar hangs in the living room (Hallmark from a few years ago). Each day, you stick on one of the numbered magnetic holiday symbols until the whole thing is filled. This is Noah's daily job and he takes it very seriously.
Preschool art on display. These are keepers, for sure!
This is our other advent calendar, Mr.Snow Man. He looks vintage but he's from Target a few years ago. I think I'm in love with him :)
And last but not least, this guy is still hanging' around, moving from place to place, spying on the kids. It seems to be working, we haven't had many major meltdowns or freak-outs since he arrived. He's watching us right now, you know. And he's MAGIC!!!
Christmas was SO much fun when I was a kid and I definitely want my kiddos to feel the same magic that I did (& still do). Ok, gotta get back to addressing my Christmas cards....seriously, I have a claw for a hand. Ha ha!


  1. Everything is super cute! I love Hayden's white tree and fluffy wreath! My kids are kinda jealous that we don't have the elf guy. :)

  2. wow!! we only have a small christmas tree...

  3. I love how the banner turned out!


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