Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting into the groove

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope you are having a great week so far. We are getting into the groove over here with our new routine(s). School and soccer are in full swing, and we will soon be adding dance to the mix. My early morning wake up call (6:15am) resembles what I would assume running into a brick wall feels like (I'm a true night owl and typically don't get to bed before midnight). All in all we are settling in nicely. Noah is having a GREAT time being a first grader and Hayden started preschool today. She really likes her teacher and has already made a little friend. Noah's soccer team is called "The Daredevils," and he gets to be starting goalie at the next game. He's thrilled! Here are some pics :)

First grade goober :)


(Noah is in burgundy in the middle)

It was a HOT day on the first game...red faced and sweaty. Ewe!

Below is my intagram from after I dropped Hayden off at preschool. She was so excited and got right to playing. The parents stuck around to hear the story "The Kissing Hand." Then we exchanged hand kisses and I was on my way. Alone. For 3 whole hours. ALONE. Ahhh, sweet. I missed my little side kick - but not really that much (haha).
Oh, and yesterday I had the GREAT pleasure or meeting one of my close blog friends in person. I got to spend the day with Jenna from The Mommy Diaries. She lives in Kentucky, but was in town to visit her inlaws and they live about 40 minutes away from me. Her and her adorable son Grayson came over for a playdate. We had a wonderful day chatting and playing, and even got in a bit of crafting while Grayson took a nap. It was so much fun!!
(Jenna has a baby girl bun in the oven. Isn't she such a cute and petite pregnant girl!?)
Hayden and Grayson made fast friends and had so much fun running around together. It was really cute to watch :)
Lisa and Ollie even came over to hang for a bit which was an added bonus :) 
So, there you have it. Summer livin' has officially come to an end. Fall is knocking at the door (even though it has been sweltering lately) and we are having a great time!!
I'm rapidly trying to fill my Etsy shop with holiday goodies, and after that I plan to d-i-y some stuff :)

Later gators :)


  1. how cute are your kids! and yes, how cute and little is jenna!!! and how sweet is freedom? :) sweet, sweet freedom.

  2. Looks like a great start to the school week! Enjoy that time to yourself - it's so great, isn't it?! And how fun to hang out with a bloggy buddy - wish I was closer, lol!

  3. Noah looks so grown up... I love the hug between him and Hayden on the first day of school (they are both pretty stylish too!)
    3 hours to yourself... jealous!!
    can't wait to see more pics of the little ones and your DIY projects.

  4. You're kiddos are just so adorable! I'm so glad we got to come visit and meet your cute family! We had so much fun. :) Enjoy your new freedom!

  5. Oh, how sweet! It's so fun to meet bloggy friends in person!

    Oh, what I could do with some peace and quiet, yo... but that time will come soon enough, I guess...

  6. I have 3 short hours of freedom too :) My youngest started Pre-K on Monday but unfortunately was not as happy as Hayden to be there. 2 days of crying at drop off...ouch. Today he was watching the clock and ready to go! Your kiddos are too cute...future heart breakers ;)

  7. That's so great about Hayden enjoying pre-school from the get-go and willing to start dance again. And Noah returning to soccer--yay! XO

  8. Cute pics of your kiddos! Enjoy your few hours of alone time! lol!


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