Monday, September 24, 2012

Outside the box: Rotating photo display

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend :) Thanks for all the painted pumpkin suggestions from my last post. I'm giving it some careful thought and will reveal my decision soon. Today I have a bit of a funky diy for you. A bit quirky and outside the box. Some may hate this (be kind) and some may love it. I absolutely LOVE this and have been wanting one for a long long time.

I saw this in the potterybarn catalogue a few years ago and was in love!! I wasn't in love with the $129 price tag though, and also didn't have the space in my tiny starter condo.
Fast forward to this past Friday while I was helping my mom work in the UNICEF store that she volunteers in and BAM!
This came home with me :)
They weren't using it in the shop anymore and it was just sitting in the back. YAY! Now, I know it's not as streamlined or elegant looking as the PB one, but f-r-e-e- is definitely the price for me!

Ready to see the after!!?

Gold goldy gold!!!!! Woohoooooo!!! Wanna see her closer up??!

(Sorry for the glare on the photos, it's a bright sunny day here in SoCal)

All I did was give her a good cleaning, and spray her with a matte gold spray paint (2 cans worth).

I had some fun in pic monkey adding dates and texts to some family photos. I also made sure to print them in "lustre" vs "glossy" so there wouldn't be so many finger prints.

My kids are having a blast spinning it around and looking through the photos. Heck, I am too!
Look at this one from last Halloween at Disneyland (notice Noah's face and Hayden's thoughts about it). Funny!


So, what do ya think!!? Am I crazy!? are you clicking "unsubscribe" as we speak??!


Looooooooooooooooooooooove it!!! Lol! I know, I know. Crazy ;)
Have a wonderful week people!!!


  1. It's totally unique (well, even tho PB did it but still.... it is) and I love it! It'd actually be ADORABLE in a nursery (sorry I have baby brain) to easily update w/ lots of new pics since they change so much in the beginning!

  2. It looks great! I love it and how you added the captions to the pics. Nice!

  3. Oh I think Goldmember said it best "I love goooooooooooooold!"

    What a great find and I love that you painted gold. How cool and easy to swap out photos at any time!

  4. you are not crazy... i totally LOVE it and it looks amazing gold!

  5. They were darn near giving one of these away at a garage sale and I passed it by. Dumb me.


  6. It's so freaking perfect!!! You lucky girl, I'm totally JEALOUS!

  7. This is the cutest, Ali!! So creative and what a cool display piece!

  8. I LOVE LOVE!! I'm always on the look out for one, you are SO lucky! haha! The gold looks awesome!!

  9. It looks great! Can't wait to check it out in person :)

  10. I think it looks great! Love the dresser next to it too!


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