Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello everyone, happy Friday eve. I have been MIA on the blog good reason. Lol. Lots of things in the works over here but not much is ready to be shared. I was lucky enough to sneak out and head to the flea market this past Sunday (thanks to my MIL for babysitting). I was planning a solo mission, but my friend Ashley decided to join me at the last minute and we had a blast. It's so relaxing to wander the flea market with a friend!

I checked one major "want" item off my long long list. I have been wanting to replace this Ikea table in my living room for a long long time. Here is the before (sorry for the bad cell phone pics):
The surface is a bit too small, it's sort of lop-sided and I was just plain bored with it. Wanna see the new one from the flea market??

I loove that it has a little shelf for the magazines. Not a super fan of the bottom triangular shelf, but hey - it's close enough to my dream table to work. The best part you ask??! It was already painted cream and distressed. I'll take it! I have not been in the furniture painting mood lately so this is a major plus! Here's a side by side comparison for you...

In other news, this evening I am attending a pre-holiday soiree for some friends of mine that have a stationary business. They are debuting all of their new holiday cards, stationary, and wedding invitations and decided to throw a par-tay. AND - they invited little ol' me to do a diy craft with their fabulous guests. We will be making pom pom mistletoe and pom pom snowballs :) FUN! I am pre-making all the tags so all they have to do is make a pom pom (while sipping cocktails) and I'll take care of the rest :)

It should be a FUN night :)
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! Talk soon!


  1. the new table is perfect! the shelf is valuable, my friend, i know! and YAY have so much fun tonight!!!

  2. I love the new table! Super cute and functional too! It has lots of character! And those little tags are just darling Ali!

  3. Great table! I can totally see why you love it! And I'm loving your pompom! So cute!

  4. I adore that cute table, perfect for that spot!!

  5. That table was a great find, Ali! Three shelves on one table? Awesome! :) Have fun at the party!


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  7. I think both tables are cute, but that is probably because I'm not bored with yours, only bored with mine!


  8. Love the new table, yay for extra shelves and not painting! And that mistletoe pom pom is too cute!

  9. I like both tables, but another shelf is usually a good thing! That's the beauty of flea market finds - you can change them out whenever you find something better :)

  10. I love it! I think the new one anchors there better, though the old one is so cute! And who can't use the extra shelf space...

    What a fun find and I hope you have a fun nite out!!!

  11. I love both tables but the tiered is my fav! Having all those shelves is handy and ya know I think the triangle bottom is pretty cool...very unique!


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