Monday, October 1, 2012


Holy Moly - is it HOT here in SoCal. Like, in the 90's at the beach. Seriously!!? What the!!? I am soooo ready for Fall and cool weather and yet here I sit, dripping sweat in tank tops, shorts, and flip flops. Come on Mother Nature!! U R Killing me!!

Moving on.
I want to thank you all again for the input on my painted pumpkins. After giving it some thought, I made a decision and went for it. Here's a reminder of the "before" picture...

Ready for the after??!

Here's a few close-ups...

I guess I just wasn't feelin' the orange and went for a black/white/aqua scheme instead. U like!?? I like :) Here are a few more pics of our "spooky" Halloween decor...

I picked up this sign at the dollar tree and thought it could be easily made into something more "me."

This is what it looks like now :)
I flipped it over and sprayed it with chalkboard paint. I had some fun doodling too. It's hangin' on the mantle with my chalkboard vases :)


Here's the big picture for ya :)

Kinda subtle, I know. It tends to get pretty cluttered in here during holidays so I'm liking the clean look this year.

And in the kitchen/dining area...

So, there you have it. All gussied up for Halloween! I have some fun "fall" decor to put out once Halloween is over. Maybe then I'll feel like bringing the orange back into my life ;)

Stay cool people!! Stay cool!


  1. it looks so good! i love the upside down wooden white baskets as pedestals! and love the stripedy pumpkins!

  2. Lookin good! I love the pumpkins. The witches are so cool, did you paint them yourself?

  3. Love it all! How fun to go with aqua and black! And I LOVE the sign in your kitchen/dining area! I've been trying to find something I can hang in our eating nook - I just love the look of it!

  4. The pumpkins look great in their new colors! And I love the sweet little orange banner! I love it all!
    Except that spider.
    I REALLY don't like that spider.

  5. I need to find some time to paint pumpkins, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. :) It all makes me so happy :) I love your Halloween style, sister. Now I need to get going over here. I suck. You rule. How did this happen ??!? We - are - twinsssss!! :/ lol.

  7. As usual, I love it all, Ali! Looks great!

  8. very cute Halloween decorations! Love the light and bright, yet still spooky look to the pumpkins. I really love your R family sign!

  9. Very cool. love that black and aqua theme. I really, really like your kitchen dining area.

  10. Lovin' the pumpkins...especially the B&W striped! And so happy to see you kept the aqua pumpkins too they look great w/ the b&w :) The Halloween countdown board is a great idea...I'm definitely going to steal that one!

  11. I loved them before... but I love them even more, now!!! I would so dig having polka-dot pumpkins...

  12. Me likey lots! The witchy pumpkins are particularly awesome. Hope things cool down for you soon--we were having great weather but it's been humid and grody the last few days and I've totally been whining about it. :)

  13. Great halloween decor! I love the pumpkins, sign, and witch!

  14. I've been on an anti-orange Halloween kick lately too! Love your silhouette pumpkins and your hearth display!


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