Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Home Tour

Hello everyone, I hope your holiday season is going smoothly so far. I have been a maniac lately, but let's face it, that's par the for the course. Anyway, my house was finally clean enough to take pics (I had guests over yesterday), so I thought I would share my 2012 holiday home with you. Ready?!

Let's start with the outside, shall we!?
This is what greets you at my front door. If you weren't feeling the joy before you got to my house, you are now :)
Don't forget these guys...
The one on the left with the pom pom nose is Rudolph, and the one on the right is Hello Kitty (can you tell which kid named which deer).

Big pic

Now let's take a look inside.
Living room...

Here's a close-up of my favorite addition this year:
Can you tell what my new favorite thing is??
Vintage vintage vintage! I am IN LOVE with all of these pretty vintage ornaments. I want them on display year round. lol.

Where for art thou baby Jesus (Josh hides him from me until midnight on Xmas eve and then he magically appears in the manger).
Those are the vintage bulbs I got at a garage sale in the Spring for $.50. Major score :)

Here are some more living room pics...

My ultimate favorite Xmas decoration of all time...

I will putting this wreath up every year until the end of time. Period.

I got this sweet angel tree topper at the flea market. My husband is not a fan. It reminds me of one my Grandma had long long ago. Definitely an acquired taste, but I love her :)

Sooooo many sentimental and adorable ornaments on our tree. The more the better, that's my motto.

In the den to the right of the living room, I have a fun new addition ($20 after Xmas sale last year)
Here's a closer look...
I wanted to find a galvanized pail to put the ugly stand in, but no such luck. Maybe next year.

Pom poms, book pages, cherished family pictures. I can't really think of much more that makes me this happy :)

Moving on.
I can't, in good conscience, show you my whole crafting space. Messy. But here are a couple holiday cuties that help keep me in the mood while I'm glittering and glue gunning everything in sight.

Elfie Elf is risking getting glittered. apparently he likes vintage florals ;)

The hall between the kid's rooms has their handmade Xmas tree banner from Smartbottom Kids. They got so excited to see it when I pulled it out of the box this year!!

Each kid (spoiled) got their own tree this year ($15 after Xmas sale at wal mart last year)
Hayden threw a tantrum because she wanted a greeeeeeen one. See. Spoiled.
Look at this cute little ornament I got at the flea market for her...
Noah's: (Noah has my hubby's childhood lionel train in his room too)
He added this to his tree topper...
And he picked these out at the Dollar Tree...
Last but not least, the kitchen...
Bulletin board filling up with happy cards. The Frosty bunting was an awesome gift from one of my besties last year....
Coffee station...

We've been using the cute little Santa plate I got at the flea as a spoon rest. I think on Christmas, it will be holding a very special cookie for a very special someone :)
Well, that's about it. My bedroom/bathroom get holiday neglected. The guest bathroom has a few holiday touches, but I forgot to take a photo. It's a bathroom. Nothing magical. Lol.
Thanks for coming on the picture-mania tour. I hope you all have a great rest of the week!!


  1. Everything looks so great and festive! I love your vintage ornaments and the Pom Pom wreath! And how fun for Noah and Hayden to have their own trees! :) merry Christmas!

  2. it all looks so happy and so you! i LOVE your pom pom garland- SO full and pretty! 2013 is the year i will learn to pom pom well. it all is so cheerful! the living room is my fave but i LOVE it all! miss you.

  3. Your house looks so pretty, colorful and festive Ali!

  4. I think letting the kids have their own tree in their room is a great thing! It gives them their own 'outlet' for decorating....and leaves the main one to you! I wish I'd have done it when my kids were little. Your house looks wonderful...so festive! But ya know, I'd sure like to see what's on the board behind the snowman calendar. The one with the big red R. What is it?? And is that your husband on the white tree????? Oh, baby, oh baby! Keeeee-ute!!!!

  5. one big pom pom wreath in a big gold frame please. thank you.
    ♥ jaime

    (your whole house is super festive girl! :)

  6. How great to get a real glimpse of your sweet home! Love your front porch area...so welcoming and fun!

  7. So pretty Ali! I love the vintage feel, but with light bright coloes. It looks happy! And I love that your kids have their own trees - so fun! What a wonderful home to celebrate the holidays!

  8. It's all so cute ALI!! And just an FYI.... on my list of things to copy is your Joy sign.


  9. So so cute! I too love your vintage ornaments, so plentiful and pretty! And the cute santa mug with the tree in it :) My very favorite other thing, though, is the candle holder made from the cake pan. That is just awesome!

  10. I don't know what to say other than - IT ALL LOOKS AMAZING, I can't even pick a favorite detail, they are all my favorites!

  11. I LOVE vintage, too! As you can tell... http://thebackyardfarmwife.blogspot.com/2012/12/christmas-open-house.html
    And your Christmas angel is the exact same one we had on our tree growing up... I'm pretty sure they story was that they got it their first Christmas in a box of candy??? I can't remember where she came from I just know she was on our tree every Christmas!

  12. I LOVE your home and your holiday style. :) Everything looks picture perfect xo (except the creepy Angel tree topper. I'm with Josh on that one ;) lol!)

  13. 1. pinned your chalkboard tins...great idea! perfect for a hostess gift

    2. how fun that each of your kids has their own tree! my daughter would probably love one but I wouldn't trust her with one (she's 3 and she's trouble!) ;)

  14. Everything looks so amazing, Ali! I love all the fun colors and vintage finds!

    You have a totally awe-inpsiring style!!!

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  16. Love all the pretty Christmas decor. (And the pom pom wreath!)


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