Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jingle Bell Junk Swap

Happy happy Monday everyone. You may have noticed that I have been a tad MIA on the ol' blog lately. Business is sort of booming in my Etsy shop, I'm prepping for a craft show this Friday, and I have been working on some custom orders for a few of my friends. Tis the season to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, huh!? Busy busy! Well today I am here to share with you some good old fashion fun!

I was LUCKY enough to join together with some of my fellow bloggers and swap some jingle bell junk. Confused!? Haha! Well let me explain. First, we drew names. Then, we each had to send a $5 thrifted item to the person we chose. Now we get to the fun part. We each had to transform our random thrifted item into a holiday decoration. Fun?? FUN!!!!!

Here is the item I received in the mail from The Thriftress herself...

I took some time to think over what I wanted to do with this shiny bundt pan. My first thought was to keep it all tarnished and vintage looking and just fill it up with vintage ornaments. Not much of a transformation though. Then I thought about making it into a wreath. I would just need to add a bow and hang it on a nail. Hmmm. Still, it wouldn't have the "it" factor I was looking for.

After much careful thought, inspiration struck! Bam! Boom! Jingle! Jangle!
And now my friends, I present to you, My Third True Love's "Winter bundterland."

Ooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Here's a brief "tutorial" if you will...
First, I spray painted the bundt pan white.
Then, I painted on some white glue around the outer and inner rims and sprinkled some glitter on them.
Next, I glittered some deer and some bottle brush tree bases with my go-to aqua glitter.
LUCKILY, I was able to find a glass candle holder from the Dollar Tree that fit the hole perfectly.
My last step was to glue on the deer and trees and light her up. I used a hot glue gun to glue everything in place, but I think a better choice would have been E600 or something more suitable for metal. I may have to reinforce some things before I pack her away after Xmas.

(disregard the bald spots on my sweet deer. Little fingers can't NOT touch)

OH! AND THEN, I felt extra fancy and decided to raise it up a bit using my vintage milk glass cake stand that my sweet mother in law just handed down to me...

Ta daaa!! A Winter Bundterland fit for a kitchen (Thanks Cassie for thinking up the awesome name)!
What do you think!? Cool? Crazy? Jingle Bell Junky enough for you!? Haha! I feel like it's definitely tacky chic, but if they had them for sale at Anthro, I would probably be waiting in line to get one (lol). This was a really fun project and I'm so happy I got to be a part of the swap.

 I sent an item to Abbie over at Five Days Five Ways and I am dying to find out what she made. Funny enough, before I received my bundt pan, I sent her a very similar one. Great minds must think alike Thriftress!

Please stop by the other blogs and see what they did with their jingle bell junk (links below).

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You won't be sorry!!!

Jingle all the way!
Have a GREAT week everyone :)


  1. You had me at bundterland!!!!!!!!!!!! SO awesome Ali!! Glitter makes me happy!! And I have the same milk glass cake stand :) xo

  2. it it AWESOME!!!!! i love the glitter deer and colors! your bundterland is the best bundterland ever!

  3. Oh My Gosh... A Bundterland! You are incredible!!! It totally ROCKS and is SOOOOOO freakin' creative, yo... Thank you so much for being a part of our Junk Swap! This has been the most fun ever!

  4. I love your bundteeland! So festive and so creative. And I'm loving this swap you ladies did.

  5. OK, I'm laughing..... are you and Abbie twins separated at birth (twins goes around in her family 'ya know)? How could two people randomly think of turning molds into winter scapes for the same party? I suddenly want to become a scientist and study the brain. There must be something wrong with mine, no way no how would I have thought of that, but both of you did.


  6. it turned out so cute Ali! I thought the same thing as did 2 of you come up with virtually the same idea! lol

  7. How funny that you sent Abbie the same thing you received...and you guys made the same thing! SO CUTE!! Way to go girl!

  8. Oh my gosh!! You and Abbie thought the same clever!!

  9. so cool! I would have gone with a boring really stepped it up a notch! Very creative.

  10. Ali it looks so cute! Love what you did with the bundt pan. I have used one in the past for a wreath but you totally surprised me!

  11. Oh my gosh! That's adorable! Never would've thought of it, I must make one!

  12. You are so creative and this is darling.

  13. EBERYTHING is better with glitter! Such a fun upgrade. Thank you so much for linking to our party!


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