Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hi , remember me...

Hello all, sorry I have been missing in action lately. Sadly, although I have been having some blogable moments lately, I can't seem to find the time to sit still and blog {sigh}. It's Sunday morning, I have my warm cup of coffee by my side, and I'm ready to go.

This post, and the next few posts will most likely be all over the place and a bit on the random side. Hopefully you don't mind ;)

First - I want to share with you all something that I now feel is a MUST have! I'm going to start by showing you something embarrassing. Well, at least for me. Typically when I sit down to use my glue gun, I have many things that I need to glue (so the glue gun is on for a while). Anyone who uses one knows that they can be drippy and messy. My solution for this has been to use an old cutting board. The problem is, the glue is really hard to peel off once it dries, so it looks very unsightly. Wanna see??
Eeeew! Typically I would perch the glue gun somewhere over there on the right and use the small space on the left as a work surface. It definitely helped keep the glue off the table, but still. Not an ideal situation.

On a recent trip to hobby lobby, I stumbled upon this beauty....
Let me tell you, the dry glue peels off of this thing soooo easily! It is some sort of scientific miracle. AND - it's bright pink :) I think it was $10 but I used a 40% off coupon. It's by MOD PODGE and is some sort of silicone mat. Amazing, I tell you!! Definitely worth picking up!
For it's maiden voyage, I made a bunch of Valentine's day glitter banners for my etsy shop :)

Another thing I wanted to share is kind of a BIG deal around here. My daughter Hayden will be turning 4 in March and she has NEVER had a hair cut. Can you believe that!!? Ever since she was little, I knew we wanted to donate her hair once it was long enough. So, we waited. She has beautiful hair! I'm her mom, so of course I'm going to think so. But really, people stop me in the street on a regular basis to look at her beautiful locks. Well, it was finally getting to the point where it was getting tangled and she was wearing it up in a pony tail more than she was wearing it down. It was time to CHOP! *gulp.
Here's a "before" shot of her hair when we arrived at the hair salon:
Those are her baby curls on the bottom and they are my absolute favorite part of her hair. I knew even with a trim that we would lose those, so we just decided to go BIG.
Here is the after:

Here are a few more shots....

Doesn't she look cute!!?? I got a little hot and sweaty as she made the first big chop, but after that it was smooth sailing. We will be donating her hair to an organization called Wigs for Kids that gives free wigs to kids with cancer and other disorders that cause hair loss. I feel happy and proud that we made this decision early on and stuck to our guns.

Right after the hair cut, we went straight to the baseball field for Noah's baseball tryouts. It was freeeeezing. Well, CA freezing but I think my phone said 42 degrees while we were out there and I definitely wasn't dressed appropriately.

Noah had a great time at tryouts and will soon be drafted onto his first ever little league team. Exciting stuff around here, let me tell you!!

So, that's what's been going on around these parts. I hope you all are well :)
Remember, if you are looking to spice things up in your home for V-Day, check out my lil' shop.

I'll be back sooner rather than later :)


  1. Hayden looks beautiful with her new haircut and what a wonderful gift to give to a child in need! And that glue gun mat looks nifty. You will laugh, but I flatten cereal boxes and use them under my glue gun. When the excess glue starts getting thick and yucky, I just flatten a new one. Good thing we eat a lot of cereal around here!

  2. i always use foil under my glue gun but i think i need a glue gun mat! and i think i know what to get my mom for her bday. genius! :)
    and you know i love ms hayden's hair.... she is adorable and so grown up! she is so beautiful like her mama!!!!
    and yay noah!!!! go noah!!!!! so exciting! :)

  3. Her hair looks adorable. Btw, I go through moments where I don't have a second to blog, too. I hope you are having a great Sunday!

  4. her hair was crazy long, wow! She looks so grown up now, I love it!!! little cutie!

  5. She has gorgeous sweet to donate it! I love her new sassy bob! Yea for baseball! That will be so fun watch!

  6. Hayden's haircut is even cuter in person...darling! And Noah's toothless smile is adorable. I love those munchkins! I see you changed to Wigs for Kids. That was nice of your friend to let you know the scoop on the other place.

  7. That's so cool you're donating her hair and you're right, it's gorgeous! Before and after! Also thanks for the tip about the hot glue mat. I use a cheap cookie sheet. That silicone one sounds great, I'll have to look for it!

  8. How sweet of your beautiful little girl to donate her locks! She's a doll! That glue gun mat was needed - hopefully, you were able to part with the globbed up cutting board!!!

  9. Hayden looks so pretty with her new haircut. She is adorable Ali. What a great cause you donated her hair to. You are so sweet to do that. I lost my Mom to cancer and am a huge supporter of all organizations to do with cancer. Some lucky child will be so blessed and grateful to have a wig made out of Hayden's hair. And, yay for Noah!

  10. she is a beautiful little girl, and what you guys did was a beautiful gesture (although I might have snipped off the baby curls to keep forever, they are sweet)
    she looks precious!!!


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