Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Liberace moment

Hi everyone, how's it goin'!? I hope you all are well. We have been doing the usual day to day over here but we have also been getting a little crafty. During the holidays, I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs and it got my wheels spinning. I loooove vintage inspired crafts and definitely wanted to give it a try. I didn't have a big bag of sparkly "goodies" (as Hayden and I call them) given to me by my great aunt, but I do have a craft cabinet that's busting at the seams.

Hayden and I gathered up our supplies and got to work. Take a look...
(the spangle mix and tri-beads are from the craft section at Wal-Mart)
My first step was to paint a basic canvas aqua (shocker). This is actually more of a minty aqua but you can't really tell in these pictures. I cut out a heart template and traced it on to the center of the canvas.
Next I covered the pencil line with tacky glue, and added some thick cream yarn to define the shape.
After that, I started covering the inside of the heart with tacky glue. I squirted it on, and then spread it out with a foam brush. I wasn't stingy with the glue, I knew we would need quite a bit.
Once the entire heart was covered in glue, it was time to get blingy. Hayden had sooooo much fun putting all of the sparkly goodies (one by one) in the glue. It was really cute to watch her pick out each one and stick it on. She kept telling me how beautiful each one was :)
 I helped the process along by dumping on small hand fulls of goodies at a time. We didn't have all day and one by one would have taken way too long. Plus, we wouldn't get that fun clumpy layered look that we were going for.
After the whole thing was covered with sparklies, we covered the bits of remaining glue with glitter. My girl looooooves shaking on glitter...
Once that was done, I added the word "Love" with tacky glue and shook on some mooooore glitter!
 We let that dry for a a few hours and then shook off all of the excess glitter and goodies. At the last minute I decided to add some polka dots. I mean, why not, right!?
Wanna see the finished product??
Take a look...
Does it make you smile (or give you hives...you can be honest). Hayden and I love love love it! The only problem we're having is figuring out where we should hang it. If it ends up in my gallery wall above my desk, I definitely won't complain ;)
I think Liberace would be proud of this fancy, sparkly, fabulous craft that was made with love!
Getting crafty with the kids really is fun! Especially when they really enjoy themselves and love the finished product. Happy kid, happy mom :) Simple (& sparkly).


  1. What a fun and cute idea! Hayden will be so proud when you hang it up. :)

  2. i LOVE it! i think it is so fun and so very you! i love the gold glitter polka dots! and i love that hayden did it. :) and i love you! and liberace would be proud.

  3. Super cute! A girl can never have tooo much glitter!

  4. Sweet! Great little project...all these girly things are making me jealous.

  5. It turned out PERFECT!! I love it and and can't wait to see where you decide to put it :) xoxoxox

  6. I love this! So pretty, sparkly and fun! Hayden did a great job.

  7. Pretty! Good job, Hayden and Mommy!

  8. Cutest craft, ever. I need to do this with my little one.

  9. Very cute- absolutely love all the pretties in the center!!


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