Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Noah...

Dear Noah,
7 years ago today you made me a mommy. When I saw you for the very first time, I had never felt love like that before. Fierce, blissful, wonderfully perfect love. I was forever changed from that moment. I was a better person simply because you were there. I know we have our share of hard times together. I can tell that sometimes you can feel me missing your sweet innocent baby days when all you knew how to do was snuggle me. Back when your tiny voice only knew how to sing and giggle. Noah, you are so smart...sometimes too smart. I know we battle it out from time to time and I can tell that you know it is out of love. Wonderfully perfect love. I want you to know, on your 7th birthday that I am SO proud of the young boy you have become. You are kind, thoughtful, smart, funny, warm, curious, stubborn, and so very unique in the best way. Please never lose your amazing spirit and always stay true to who you are. You are a bright shiny star in this universe and the future holds great things for you. Happy birthday my sweetest boy. I love you to the moon and back. XOXO

(and because no post is good without pictures, here are a few throwback pics of my #1 baby boy)

I love you my BIG giant boy. Make a wish!!!



  1. What sweet pictures! Happy birthday Noah! :)

  2. AWE!!!
    And we've all been lucky enough to watch him grow up - I remember those pictures :)
    what a handsome boy he is and what an adorable baby he was. bitter sweet, right???

    thanks for posting,cousin, you've helped me savor all the moments with my little ones, reminding me that time flies!

  3. LOVE--THAT--BOY--SO--MUCH!!!! xo
    Time flies WAY too fast. WAY.



  4. sweetest post ever... had me in tears. i feel the same way about my kids, so bittersweet, overjoyed, nostalgic.... overwhelmed by powerful love. happy birthday, noah!!!! may all your wishes come true!

  5. Ali, this is so wonderful, I am printing it for our photo album. I love that kid of yours soooooooooo much!

  6. What a sweet letter Ali. Happy Birthday to Noah! I hope he had a fun celebration today.

  7. Looks like a great time. Thank you for your kind words about my last post and a huge thank you to your husband. I bet he was in my neighborhood helping with the fires. I have a great respect and appreciation for Firemen. What they did for my neighborhood was amazing. Saving 4,000 homes. WOW.


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