Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's the little things

Hi friends! I'm back :) It has been a while, huh!? I have my little miss on Spring break this week, and Noah's is next week. Josh's gramps passed away :( and my boy had the stomach flu last week (my very least favorite illness on the planet) and we have been busy busy with life. One thing we (by we, I mean my husband and father in law) have been up to is drywalling our icky garage.

Back story: My grandparents moved in to this house in 1982 and not one thing was done to the garage (except it was filled with the hoarded goods of ALL of my relatives). Ever since we moved here 3.5 years ago, Josh has been dreaming of having a nice garage. I am happy to report that we have accomplished phase one. Drywall. Ooooh, sounds exciting huh? Lol, well, it is for us :)

Before: EEEEW!
The first step was to add some electrical outlets. Eventually my hubby wants a work bench and possibly an energy efficient deep freezer so we needed to add these prior to drywalling.

After the electrical was done, it was time to drywall, mud, and paint :)
I didn't take too many "in progress" pictures, but here is what the after looks like:
Oooooh, ahhhhhhh! So clean and pretty! Love it!

I told my hubby that I wanted to make the laundry area "cute." He wasn't too thrilled with my gold polka dots suggestion, so I decided to keep it simple. My first addition.....
Chalkboard :)
Next, Josh added a cabinet for all of the laundry detergent etc...
My favorite feature that he added was this Martha Stewart hanging bar (from home depot I think). Lately I have been buying clothes that require "hang drying" (typically, I shy away from high maintenance laundry items) so this is going to be PERFECT!

(hang dry and iron. really, sweater!!? ugh)
LOVE love LoVe!

It is definitely still a garage. Cords, junk, water heater etc.
But still, it's definitely a HUGE improvement from where we started. I am sooooo lucky that my hubby is so handy and that my father in law was able to help him execute this big project. I'm still lobbying for gold polka dots and a cool light fixture. Baby steps. Pick my battles. Enjoy the ride :)
Happy almost Friday everyone!


  1. it is looking good!!!! i love the chalkboard! i would have loved polka dots, too, but hey, ya gotta keep the men happy, too! :) next is the kitchen?!?!?!?

  2. Nice! Love the chalkboard, you always have the best chalkboards. :) and that hanging thing is super nice, I need one! Why do all the cute tops say "hang dry" ugh!

  3. Tom and I have super long arms so I never dry long-sleeved tops until dry. The sleeves don't shrink if you hang the tops still damp after being in the dryer for a few minutes. Good tip for your 6'4" hubby. Anyway, I'm thrilled for you. With 4 people in your house, you spend a lot of time in that little laundry area, and now it's cute!

  4. Great! I forgot that you actually CAN have a laundry room in the garage where you live...not the case here or laundry would never get done in the winter! Great work! Go for polka dots!!!

  5. So cute :) I love the chalkboard! Did you use a paint marker to write like that?

  6. Anything that makes the chore of doing laundry more convenient is well worth it. I often wonder if I had one of those gorgeous laundry rooms if it would make me want to stay and do laundry all day, and then I think, probably not!


  7. Your guys did an awesome job!!! Love your sweater.

  8. What a great new space! Kuddos to your handy men! And that chalkboard is just sooo true!

  9. I love it. It is so functional and good looking. Nice work! Now only to convince the husband that HE should do the laundry...that is the real challenge ;)

  10. I love it too!
    My favorite room in the house is my laundry room. Jeff did all the electrical and plumbing so we wouldn't have to go to the basement for laundry... and when it was done it was perfect and I love it.

    Are we old/!?!?! is that why we are excited to have a nice area to do laundry?
    p.s.I hate high maintenance laundry too, but that's a great sweater

  11. That is fantastic, Ali! What a job! I know you will enjoy having a nice garage. The chalkboard is awesome and I think you should hold out for those gold polk dots, girl!


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