Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yosemite - Part 2

Helllooooo there. How's it going!?
I wanted to share some more of our Yosemite pictures and also perhaps a teaser pic of our in-progress kitchen remodel. If you follow me on Instagram (arichardson79) you are probably sick to death of my in-progress kitchen posts. lol.

Now, on to Yosemite :)
After our camp was all set up, it was time to start relaxing. My sis in law and her family were in charge of dinner the first night. We had deluxe (like bacon wrapped bleu cheese) sliders served with baked beans and macaroni salad. Yum!

The next day, we took a short hike to the (wet) base of the infamous Bridalveil falls.

It's seriously so beautiful in Yosemite that we stopped every 5 feet to snap a picture.
These kids were SO done with us taking their picture by the end of the trip.
After our short hike, we headed down to Sentinel beach for a picnic. The kids played in the {snow melt} water for a bit too.

(Hayden was hanging loose the whole idea why - lol)


Seriously SO beautiful!

Yosemite Falls in the distance...

After our fun at the beach, we headed back to camp to make dinner. It was our turn and we were serving yummy nachos :) My favorite! Everyone got to doctor up their chips and heat them over the fire.
Here is Josh's masterpiece...
And the rest of the night was spent relaxing by the fire
(artsy "ring of fire" pic provided by Noah).

Hang in there people, we only have ONE more Yosemite post to go. I just love it there so so much!!!

Oh yeah - here's that kitchen teaser pic for ya.....
2 words for you - IN LOVE.

Stay tuuuuuuuned!


  1. such an amazing trip! those falls are beautiful, the kids are adorable, and i love that hayden was hanging loose! :)
    the kitchen.... AAAAAAAH! SWOON!

  2. your pictures are beautiful, and your trip looks amazing!
    I see so much of Brian in Noah in these pictures... never noticed that before. And Hayden is too cute, while hanging loose! what a great trip :)
    can't wait to see that kitchen when it's done

  3. I am so jealous of your Yosemite adventure and these pictures are exactly why...beautiful nature and beautiful people. Love you and that BEAUTIFUL gold hardware. I cannot wait for the taadaah!!! It's going to be awesome!

  4. You got some great shots at Yosemite, Ali! Yeah, the kids were VERY patient with our constant photo shooting...Bless their hearts.

    You and Josh have chosen beautiful items for your kitchen. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous! Maybe even inspire someone to try more Pinterest recipes, ha, ha!

  5. Wow, the views are amazing! Looks like an awesome family trip!

  6. It looks gorgeous there!! Great pics! Love the hang loose! Lol! What a great idea for nachos over the fire!!

  7. Wow that scenery is fantastic! I'd love to visit there someday!


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