Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yosemite - final - finally

Hello friends. I'm back to give you the final pics from my (now long ago) family trip to Yosemite. Our kitchen renovation is winding down (well, still a couple weeks to go) but I promise, the reveal post will not disappoint (so so excited).

Ok, wrapping up Yosemite....
On the next to last day, we took an (uphill) hike to Vernal Falls. Have you ever taken small children on an uphill hike? Not going to lie, there was (a lot) of complaining. They all did great and they all made it to the top in one piece. It was a great first official hike hike for the family.

(note: Hayden still hangin' loose)
These were the rapids that greeted us at the top of the hike. Yikes.
We were holding on to our kiddos super tight on this bridge.
After we got down to the bottom, it was time for a tasty treat :)

After our treat, we spent some time exploring Happy Isles. Lots of little streams and beautiful scenery all around us.

There are these gorgeous dogwood blooms all over the valley. I couldn't get enough of them.

Next up was Noah's favorite part of the trip...riding the free valley shuttle. lol.
Happy kid!

Keepin' it real. Me after 3 days without a shower. Eek!
We took the shuttle back to camp and spent the rest of the time relaxing before dinner. My sis in law even did a craft with the kids (I know, she's amazing).

Inspired by pinterest, they made these soda bottle firefly's. Once it got dark we filled them with glow sticks and the kids had fun flying them around. Hayden used hers as a night light :)
After dinner which were super yummy chili dogs, the grandparents entertained the kids while the adults relaxed by the fire.

Ultimately, Hayden made her way to my lap and crashed.
(love her crossed hands and ankles)

The perfect end to a perfect trip!
So, there you have it. Our super fun annual Yosemite trip. I hope I didn't lose you out of boredom along the way :)
I highly recommend that you get to Yosemite some day. It really is an amazing place!!

Stay tuned. Kitchen mania is ALMOST over. YAY!!!!!


  1. what a great trip! family bonding at its best! i love the picture of you with hayden in your lap- beautiful and sweet. and how fun are those fireflies!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like one fabulous trip! And you created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! How awesome!

  3. It sounds like such a fun trip! You are brave to take the kids on a hike - mine whine when we walk around the block ;)

  4. So so fun!! Memories that will last a lifetime xoxo

  5. Great post, Ali, and I love the photos, too. So happy that you and Josh want to do this every year!

  6. FUN! Just looking at the pic of the bridge scared me, I can't imagine walking across it! Yikes!


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