Monday, June 3, 2013

A keeper, no matter what

Hi friends, happy Monday! I spent this past weekend camping and whitewater rafting (kid free). We had a great time getting away but now it's back to the grind. We are nearing the end of the school year which always seems to be a hectic time. We are still in the midst of our kitchen remodel. Our counter tops and back splash go in Fri and Sat. After that, the custom hood will be the last piece of the puzzle. Can't wait to show the reveal pics :)

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you have probably seen my {favorite} French kitchen buffet. I have had it in my kitchen since 2010 and have loved it dearly. The curvy lines, all those spacious drawers. It really has been a favorite piece of mine since I bought it. (note: I think my "styling" has come along way since 2010. Just sayin').
As I mentioned previously, we are currently in the midst of remodeling our kitchen (hence the faux Spanish tiles in the pic above. I love you mom, but I wasn't a fan when you picked those out for Nana's house). Well, as luck would have it, our new kitchen floor plan no longer has enough space for my precious buffet.

I have been wanting a new tv stand for a loooooong time. The one we have been using isn't too terrible, just your basic IKEA tv stand. My hubby thought the buffet would be too big to use as a tv stand, but I had other ideas :)

This pic below isn't the best "before" pic, but you can at least see the tv stand (I was crafting at night while watching tv) lol.

I'll get to the point here. With a few minor tweaks, we now have a fabulous new tv stand :)

We just removed 2 of the top drawers for the components and painted the inside black. Luckily the top part under the drawers was solid so we didn't even have to add a wood shelf. Easy peasy!

Here is the big picture for ya...

This pic below shows the black chair currently in the room (bottom left). Along with the black chalkboard, I think Frenchy fits right in :)
Likey?? Likey! lol. That's it, just wanted to share our little {easy} big impact transformation with you.

Happy week everyone :)


  1. Love it! Much better proportion-wise, too.

  2. it's perfect! i agree with renee- and also it suits YOU and your awesome style so much more!!! love you miss you can't wait to see you in september!!!!! and can't wait to see your kitchen!

  3. Oh perfect Ali! I think buffets and dressers make the very best TV stands. And your buffet is a beauty!

  4. It is gorgeous, Ali! I'm liking black in the home, too.

  5. A total keeper. It's beautiful!


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