Sunday, October 17, 2010

DREAM re-do

Me: (kids in the car on the way home from dinner one night) "Hey Josh (hubby), can we swing by Goodwill on the way home from dinner please? I just wanted to check something really quick. Oh yeah, and there's this thrift shop on the way home that we need to go to also. I have something on hold there that I want to show you."
Josh: "Seriously? Now? O.k., but be quick. The kids won't last long in the car."
Me: "Yippeee! Thank you SO much! I promise, if we end up getting stuff, you won't have to help me re-do it. I'll do ALL the work."

(Notice the man and sander in the left corner)
Eeeeeew. pink speckled contact paper. NOT cool.
NOTE: I super promise that I did NOT ask them to help. I was inside putting the baby down for a nap and when I came out to the garage they were both hard at work. AWESOME!

Oooooooooh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Ta-daa!!!!! Seriously IN LOVE with this! I have been dying for more storage in my kitchen and this buffet is perfect!! $65 at a thrift store makes it even better. I often daydream that my home will someday resemble a page in the Ballard Designs catalogue, and this pretty chalk board is a nod to that dream. $20 at goodwill on a last minute-rushed trip definitely adds to the magic. This is a re-post from my family blog from August but I definitely thought it was worth sharing again here on "My Third True Love." I am happy every time I walk into my kitchen because of these beauties. Yay! p.s. to defend myself, I did the chalkboard 100% on my own. I also did the final coat of black on the buffet, distressed the edges, painted the hardware, and did like 5 coats of poly over the top. It was hard at times, and very fun. It is AWESOME!!! Ha ha, can you tell I'm feeling a tad guilty about having the boys help me. Again - I didn't ask (but was thrilled we could do it all together). xo


  1. My favorite!! Sister is still SUPER jealous! xo -L

  2. I love the black! I'm also loving your blog...I'm your newest follower! :)

  3. it looks beautiful! i just got a dresser like this today to work on. not sure what color i plan to do, but i love the black!


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