Friday, October 29, 2010

"Initial" Intervention

I LOVE INITIALS! No need to be subtle or quiet about it. I do! Initials. Monograms. Full names. If it's personalized, I am sure to LOVE it. Seriously - I may need a support group for this. This first shot is of my "gallery" in our living room - "R for Richardson"
This is over my crafting desk in the den - "A. A. A. for Ali"
This is in the hall leading to the kitchen. " J-Josh, A-Ali, N-Noah, H-Hayden" Our whole family in initials. Oh yeah!
Baby sister's room - "H. H. H. H. for Hayden" and I'm embarrassed to admit that I have 2 more "Hs" in the works as we speak. See..... S-u-p-p-o-r-t G-r-o-u-p.
Big Brother's Room - "N for Noah" (p.s. that swatch of brown fabric with white polka dots is from his nursery when he was an itty bitty baby. Sigh.)
Me again. How else would you know where I sleep!? Duh! "A for Ali "- again.
And even the hubby gets his bed-side labeled (you know, in case he forgets which side of the bed is his) "J for Josh." I also currently have the letters EAT in progress and once I finish those, they will go in my kitchen. Not quite the same thing, but definitely on the border. So you see. Issues! I don't think there is actually a cure for my disease though. Every time I see a letter that relates to one of my special people, it has to come home with me. Whether I buy it, make it, steal it (ha ha, j/k), it will be mine! I could think of a billion worse things to be addicted to I guess, and I am not currently a danger to myself or others. So for now I will continue "tagging" our house with our letters. I'll run out of wall space eventually, right? Ha ha. I know. I know.


  1. It's a disease. A DISEASE! Good thing it's a cute one. :)

  2. Ha ha! I think all the initials are super cute! :)

  3. You've inspired me to do something with initials! Hmmmmm . . . what to do??? I might have to send you pictures of my house and you can give me some decorating advice!


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