Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Craft Cabinet Runneth Over

Hi there, meet my craft cabinet! My craft cabinet has been with me since I started crafting. We had a pretty small condo when we first got married and all of my supplies fit perfectly inside it. Now a days, I have to get a little more creative in order to "stuff" it all in there, but it still gets the job done. In our condo, green was our accent color of choice. Now that we have a house, I tend to stick to more neutral colors and am going for more of a "beachy cottage/french chateau/Anthrolologie.....ok wait. Really, I don't really know what I'm going for. All I do know is that I'm over the green." Luckily, it's a super easy fix :)
First I removed the green fabric (which were old curtain panels from my college apartment). The cabinet doors didn't have any fabric to begin with. I think if I had a craft room, I would be fine with keeping it open. But, this cabinet lives in the center of my home so I think it looks too busy and messy without fabric.
At the moment, I'm fairly organized with my supplies. This is not always the case. Often times I have to brace myself as I open the doors so I can catch whatever falls out. It's actually a fun game sometimes, ha ha.
I got some cheapy muslin type fabric from Walmart. You can't tell in this picture really but it's a bit linen-burlap like and you can see some of the natural fibers. I really like the fabric, but if I'm being honest, it looks a bit boring. I'm fine with it for now, but down the road I may replace it with something that has a bit more texture and interest. Ideally, I would love for this cabinet to be white with the wrought iron panels removed. That's a much bigger project than I'm in the mood for at the moment, so this will have to do. I'm glad I checked this off my to-do list though, I've been meaning to do it since we moved here over a year ago.
I just used my glue gun to make some basic pleats at the top. I feel like this makes it look a bit more put together. All in all, I'm happy with it. Happy crafting people! XO


  1. I will NEVER be "over the green" but I hear ya! The new fabric looks great, Ali...the scrolling looks nice against it.

  2. It looks great!
    And the inside - look at all that organization! Woo Hoo!


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