Monday, October 18, 2010

Drum Roll Please.......

$10. Yep. $10.
Some of you may be thinking that I totally over-paid for it. Others of you may think I got it for a steal. I am definitely in the second category. SERIOUS potential here people. SERIOUS.

"Hmmm, I wonder what will happen when I try to take off the "railing" thingy. Fingers crossed!" And of course, eighty billion holes! Not one or two...eighty billion. Ugh.
I didn't have any spackle (of course), so the hubby said caulk would do the trick. I kinda wish I made a trip to the store to get spackle. I feel like the caulk is a bit less sturdy (since it dries kinda rubbery), but it turned out ok.
Let the spray painting begin! This is my super official spray painting system, ha ha! As you can kind of see around the edges, my grass got a makeover too :)
See....SERIOUS! Mr.Coffee table is A-mazing (in my opinion of course). I am so in love with this little table. I was a bit nervous at first to step outside of my neutral comfort zone and go bold, but I am SO glad I did.
AND, as a bonus, we can now safely tuck in our remote when it is not in use (which I admit, is a rarity).
I painted the "R" on the shelf turquoise know, to tie it in so Mr.Coffee Table isn't the only random punch of color in the room. It's a subtle addition, but I think it helps. IN LOVE, In Love, in love! xo


  1. Turquoise is my color...I think it looks great.

  2. LOVING the turquoise!! The table looks awesome...what a great find!

  3. I adore your little coffee table! SOOOOO much better than beige!!!

  4. This is gorgeous! Love the R also.

  5. LOVE love love it too! I am talking myself into doing something in aqua. LOVE the color, but it's so not my norm. Love how your table turned out...what a STEAL!

  6. it looks so pretty! what a happy color! thanks for joining my party!

  7. One of my favorite colors. Great job!



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