Monday, October 25, 2010

My Saturday Night.

If you are someone like me (we're a rare breed to say the least), these pictures makes you smile. If you are of the other breed, these pictures make you feel really really sad for me. Either way, it sort of needs an explanation. First, my hubby is a (HOT) firefighter. This means that he works 24 hour shifts about every other day. BUT, when you are a young family with 2 kids, a mortgage, car payment, etc and are trying to survive on one income, sometimes that 24 hour shift turns into a 72 hour shift. That was the case this past weekend. Sigh. While my hubby worked Fri-Sun, the kiddos and I had to fend for ourselves. We kept busy most of the weekend. Spent some time with family members, went to a friend's Halloween party. I even went to an Estate Sale (which was a total bust by the way. I definitely am NOT in the market for old lady designer clothes or collector dolls). Anyway, even though we were missing our man, we hung in there and made it work. Saturday night comes along, and what is a crafty girl to do? Kids are in bed, Hubby is out saving lives, and here I sit. Alone. With my glue gun :)
See....I'm sort of in "production mode" these days. My sis-in-law and I are doing a craft fair this coming Saturday at a local church. The booth will primarily feature her awesome Kid-Kits, but I thought it would be fun to sprinkle some of my flower clips around in case anyone wanted a cute, cheap, impulse buy. Anyway, I have a ton of random flowers and goodies on hand so I thought I would get to work. It could have only been better if I had a bunch of Friends episodes saved on my dvr for background noise. Actually, I really enjoyed the quiet. It's rare around here so I soaked it all up. I was very productive and made a ton of clippies. If they don't sell at the craft fair, I'll be adding them to my etsy shop. Ok. That's enough rambling ;)

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  1. I love your hot pink message board! Sounds like you had fun on Sat! It's so nice to have some time to yourself! :)


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