Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another bunting...shocker.

As I previously mentioned, I'm in the craft zone. My kitchen looks less like a kitchen and more like a craft room (sorry to the hubby on this one). Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that I was making a second bunting out of my vintage sheet. Here's what went down:

First, I printed some letters off of my computer...
I decided I was going to make a "happy" bunting. I plan on giving this one to my awesome friend Kelly to use as a photo prop. I am kind of her "prop stylist" and I thought this bunting would photograph really well. Anyway, the vintage sheet I'm using is sort of see-through so it was super easy to trace the letters right onto the fabric.
After I traced the letter using a fine tip sharpie, I filled it in using a small brush and black fabric paint.
Once it was dry, I used the same technique using my heat and bond iron on tape and a seam binding (see yesterday's post here).

Here she is :)
I think I would be the happiest person alive if I had buntings and pom poms strung up all over my house :)
I may have to make a couple of these for the shop! It's just soooo HaPpY :)
It's almost Friday, are you hangin' in there!? Hope so!


  1. that is super cute! i love the lettering on it- you are a crafty genius! now go craft up a billion dollar idea for us. ;)

  2. your happy bunting makes me happy!! another winner! You have the best ideas!! XO

  3. Im loving all your buntings, so cute!

  4. I love your Spring bunting! It is so happy!

  5. Happy is good! And the vintage sheet maes it extra special! I love buntings and pom poms too!

  6. OMG! That's adorable! I love the fabric! Kelly is so lucky to have you as her prop stylist! lol!


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