Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No-Sew Spring Bunting

Happy happy Wednesday everyone :)
Lately I have been a crafting fool! Mostly trying to load up my Etsy shop using the supplies I have on hand (my craft cabinet literally won't close so this shouldn't be a problem). Last night I made these beauties...

Rainbows! They make me smile :)

I also made a fun no-sew spring bunting for myself. As I've mentioned before, I plan to become friends with my sewing machine this year "Plan." At the moment, I'm still sort of phobic. ha ha! Not really, but I do tend to avoid it. Anyway, I have pre cut a bunch of triangles from my pretty vintage sheet and couldn't wait to get crafty. It helps that I also have quite a large stash of fun fabric too...

Step one: I free-handed the letters S-P-R-I-N-G on the different fabrics with a fine tip sharpie, then cut them out. Not perfect by any means, but good enough for me.
Next, I got out my heat and bond iron on tape (purchased at WalMart in the sewing section) and cut pieces to fit each letter.
(I just followed the directions on the package)
You place the tape on the fabric with the paper side up. Then you lightly press the iron on it for 3 seconds. After that, you peel the paper off, stick the letter on the bunting triangle, and iron over the top.

Once I did this to all of the letters, I used a seam binding to string them together. I cut a strip of heat and bond to fit the top of the triangles and sandwiched them inside the binding. Then I just ironed over the top.

The next time I make one of these, I am going to make sure to use the brightest colors for each letter. The "S" and the "R" are kind of hard to see because they are too light. I still like how it turned out though. You??

(Josh is not a fan of having to duck when he walks through here, but who told him to be 6'4" anyway?!)
Super ready for Spring over here! Yep! Ready!

Oh, and here's a sneaky peek of another version I'm working on...
Stay-tuned-people :)


  1. super duper cute! love the bunting and the pompoms! it all looks happy!

  2. Not only is the spring banner wonderful, but you have the prettiest ironing board cover I have ever seen!

  3. these make me SO happy!! And I knew Josh was tall but had no clue he was 6'4"!

  4. So adorable, you always get me by saying 'no sew' ha ha!

  5. Can you send me 1/4 of your crafting talent??? Please, pretty please!!! The pom pom's won my heart!

  6. That is some serious spring cuteness going on over there! I love it! Rainbow Pom Poms are my new favorite!


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