Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Decor

Happy happy Tuesday everyone! We are coming off of a rainy weekend here in SoCal, but the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and it definitely feels like Spring. I have started Eater-ifying my house lately and I have to say, my Easter style is kind of all over the place. Ha ha! Like, multiple Easter personalities or something. Take a look.

My scrappy Spring bunting welcomes you into the den. There you will be greeted by a sophisticated/shabby chic Robin's egg wreath hanging from the highboy.
Closer look....
Even closer...
(I think the wreath was from Pier 1 like a billion years ago...can't even remember).

Moving on...the living room coffee table got an Eastery makeover too.
My sweet husband bought me these flowers from TJ's yesterday just for the heck of it. LOVE that guy!!!

I got this pretty Eastery hurricane from Kohl's randomly. I had a coupon, then another coupon, then some Kohl's cash. The thing was almost free. Isn't it cute?!
The nest is from TJ Max last year, and the mason jar is filled with "whoppers" robin's eggs. Mmmm. Why do I torture myself!?

In the kitchen, I filled a thrifty basket with some brightly colored eggs that my mom gave me years ago. They are so bright and happy :)

And lastly, the sideboard got some Easter love...
The pink feather boa wreath used to live in Hayden's room. I added the nest with some glittery eggs from the dollar store to make it Easter pretty. My 2 sweet little eggs, Noah & Hayden :)
The other little eggs are also dollar store eggs that I simply cut the hanging loop in half and tied them on some twine. Happy & colorful Easter!!

I'm still working on my mantle...to be honest, not too sure if I'll end up doing it. Easter is upon us and well....I'm lagging. Ha ha!!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!


  1. aaw, your hubby is so sweet! chris never comes home with flowers... boo. and he thinks it is a waste when i buy them but i love them so much. :) isn't happiness worth it, even if short-lived? and my fave is the sideboard- love that feather wreath there!

  2. Well, at least it's all fabulous! I super heart love the banner and the eggs :)

  3. Sooooooooooooooo pretty...love all of it and can't wait to see it in person!

  4. I love everything!!!! I wish I had your eye....and supplies ;) xoxo love you (and I totally bought you that egg nest thingy from tj maxx, didn't I? :) I rule! lol)

  5. the one on your coffee table, that is :)

  6. I love the sideboard! I have the same wreath from Pier 1 and I just love it. I will be so sad the day an egg cracks!

  7. Lovely. TJ flowers are my FAVE!

  8. I love everything! It's all so festive and pretty!

  9. I think it's all awesome! I managed to pull the Easter box down but that is as far as I have gotten. How lame an I? I love that hurricane from Kohls! And the robin egg whoppers are my Easter must have but also my weakness!

  10. Very cute, all of it! I really like that egg wreath. And as for the candy jar, I see some Cadbury Mini Eggs on top of the Whopper eggs, which are my personal favorite! :) And you don't need to change your mantle for Easter, it's fitting for both!

  11. Flowers for no reason, now that's a sweet husband! Love all your bright and happy touches for spring!

  12. zoo lovely!! everything looks so pretty fun and festive!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    You have a thoughtful husband!

  13. Everything looks awesome! I hope you will link up to my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop if you haven't already.


  14. Thanks for sharing your cutesy home decor!! You are so talented!

  15. It's beautiful!!! How did I not remember to eat all your Easter candy when I was over there???


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