Thursday, February 7, 2013

Market research....

Hello people! It is almost Friday, woohoo! The fam and I are headed up to our local mountains for some fun in the snow this weekend and I can't wait! I popped in quickly to get some feedback from my lovely, smart, and honest readers.

In my Etsy shop, I have these felt cupcake/dessert flags....take a look.

I package them up cute too....

I have not sold one set.

I take that back actually. I sold a set of 50 flags in a custom color story for somebody's wedding cupcakes (which I think is an adorable idea - btw). But I haven't sold any in the colors that I have listed in my shop. Ever.

My question to you all is.....why do you think they sit in my shop and don't sell?

Originally I was charging $12 per dozen. Then I thought that might be a bit too high for a throw-away item (I totally rinse my sticks off and reuse them, but typically they would get thrown away). I lowered them down to $10 per dozen. Nothin'. Now, I have come down to my "lowest I will go" price of $8 per dozen hoping they will start to sell.

I'm just a bit perplexed. I guess mainly because I love them so much and use them for every occasion that is even semi-cupcake/dessert/cake appropriate.

Does $8 per dozen sound reasonable to you? Can you think of anything I need to do to tweak them? Do you like them as is? Do people typically just make their own cupcake toppers or buy the basic ones at craft stores? Any feedback you give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks friends!!
Happy {almost} weekend to you all :)


  1. i think they are adorable and love them! but here are my thoughts- i think because they are something that when you are done with them they get tossed, ya know? they aren't reused.... that is what i am thinking maybe. people don't want to pay if they know they only get to enjoy once, unless it is for a big event like a wedding.

  2. I think your flags are totally adorable! And I like the packaging too. Maybe just one color per package. If someone wants them for a birthday or shower, the mix of colors might not work. Or maybe you just haven't reached your target audience yet. Sometimes it just takes a while for something to take off. Maybe do a few giveaways with some of your favorite bloggers. ... Have a great weekend with your family!

  3. And I pinned your flags to help spread the word Ali!

  4. I love them. I think they are super cute and your product photos are great. My take is that etsy is over saturated these days and to make your products come up in searches so people actually see them, you have to to the search ads. It's totally worth it. My sales took off as soon as I did that. Email me if you want more info :) hugs friend! I thin your stuff is rad!

  5. I think it might be partly because they're so easy to make... People probably think "Why spend so much money on these, plus shipping, when I get make them myself". I don't know. I know I see a lot of things on Etsy that people are selling that I like, but I could make [usually for cheaper] on my own.

  6. I love them too, but honestly would pay about $5 or $6 for a dozen. Maybe offer them in a bundle discount too. Say 12 for $6 or $24 for $10?

  7. Reading all of this feedback and I have to comment. First, they are adorable. I would take the advice for using one color and then list the other colors you can offer.You could also stamp them to make them unique. Using black ink, perhaps, stamp a little birthday hat on them or a swirly design (just a thought) and last, I would price them less expensive as they are a throw away item. Hope this helps!


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