Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free for me!

I was driving home from picking up Noah from preschool the other day and there was a detour. I was annoyed. As I screeched through the alley still lingering in my annoyedness (because I had to go out of my way a bit - Heaven forbid), I saw it. A Chair. A seriously ugly chair. BUT, this ugly chair had a FREE sign on it, which meant it was now MY seriously ugly chair. My son looked at me like I was a looney toon as I tried to shove this chair in my trunk. Remember now, this was a detour, so I wasn't the only one redirected. Most of you know that there usually isn't too much room in an alley to pull over. Yep. There I am. Shoving this seriously ugly chair in my trunk as the eighty billion cars are piling up in the alley behind me. I was finally able to make it fit, and as I screeched away, my annoydness was gone and my adrenaline was rushing. I swear. It's like a drug. The thrill of the hunt is a powerful thing. Ok, anyway, back to the chair. It was ICKY! Here is the "before" shot in all it's glory.
Eeeeeew. It was structurally sound and aside from the ugly-factor, it had pretty good lines and I could feel a "cottage-chic" vibe radiating from it. And luckily, after I heaved those gross mildew filled cushions in the trash, I remembered that I had a cushion in my garage that would be a perfect fit. Oh yeah!
Before I got to work turning this drab chair into a fab chair, my kiddos decided that they NEEDED to watch the trash truck pick up our trash cans. So, they perched on our new FREE chair and waited. The trash man is a celebrity around here. I'm pretty sure we make his day because my kids can not stop waving to him. He waves back with a smile on his face and all is right with their world :)
And here it is "After." I know what you're thinking and the answer is "no". NO - I am not going to paint everything in my house turquoise. I promise. Yes it is a color I love, but don't worry, I will practice self control and put down the can. I can do it. Ha ha. Isn't this a pretty little nook?? I think I'm in love ;)
I distressed it a bit to give it that "pulled in from the garden" look. I think it helps it not look so "electric" over there in the corner.
Cute, comfy, and FREE! Now that's my kind of chair :) XOXO (and yes, I know that annoydness isn't really a word). Ha ha.


  1. It was one of those cloud-with-silver-lining moments :-D

    The chair looks fab in that gorgeous turquoise shade (love your coffee table too, btw!) and sits perfectly in that little corner :-)

  2. so cute! even better that its free!

  3. Very cute....I think one day many of us are going to have to join AA for Aquas anonymous. I too have a hard time putting any can of aqua. LOVE love love it!

    Take care,

  4. looks so much better and more alive in its new vibrant paint! and what's better than free???


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