Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pretty Paci Clips

I love pacifiers. I do. They kept my world spinning round and round when both of my little one's were new (& they still help me with my little diva today). The invention of the pacifier clip was a dream-come-true for this little mama, and I quickly taught myself how to make them. I made a bunch for Hayden, some for friends and family, and now I have some new ones for my Etsy shop. The pics below are of the two I added today. I am in love with them!! If Noah was a baby right now, that little birdie would not have ended up in the shop. It would be clipped on to my munchkin as I type this. The little oink oink is so sweet & girly with that sparkly little flower in her hair. She reminds me of my Hayden. Sigh. Anyway, I have a few more to add over the next couple of days so go check 'em out (

Happy crafting people! xo
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