Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Quality Time Made Simpler"

It looked like this at our house for most of the day today. So, the kiddos and I had some quality indoor fun. I definitely love a cozy rainy Saturday filled with snacks, hide-and-seek, and snuggles. Noah insisted that we crack open the windows a bit so we could hear the rain drops. LOVE that sound!
After we put Hayden down for her nap, Noah and I decided to get crafty! The other day, my sister in law came by for a bit and she brought us some fancy supplies from her new
Christmas Tree Banner Craft Kit. I already put my order in for the full kit, but until it gets here she left us with some supplies to play around with. Noah was super excited to get started and this is a BIG deal because he's not typically much of a craft-lover.
He especially loved using the "glue spreader" to spread the glue on his tree.
Noah made the 2 blue ones for himself & daddy, and I made the pink one for Hayden. We had so much fun and it was a perfect quiet-time activity for us on a rainy day. The full kit comes with tons of supplies to decorate 12 trees which is super awesome! Starting December 1st (when our house gets fancied up for Christmas), Noah and I are going to make one tree a day until all 12 are done (our own special version of the 12 days of Christmas). We'll add them to the banner as we complete them and we'll watch our little banner grow. He already told me we have to hang it in his room, and I think it's a great idea. Once we get started, I'll take pictures of our banner in progress so you can oooh and ahhhhh along with us. I have a feeling that this banner will make it's appearance every year from now on. Christmas is all about quality time, traditions, and making memories for us and this kid kit takes care of all three. Make some fun family memories and deck your halls in the process! Perfection. Go over to Smart-bottom kids now and buy a craft kit to make your own fancy Christmas tree banner. Do it. Ha ha! Happy crafting people, xo
Oh yeah, and I'm happy to report that I made it to 20 followers!!! Woo hoo!! I know a lot of you have TONS of followers, but I'm just starting out over here and every milestone is a BIG one. Thanks followers, you are loved!!!!


  1. Best post ever! I'm so glad you and Noah loved making your trees! They're beautiful!

    And congrats on the 20 followers! WooHoo!

  2. How sweet! Plus, those are the cutest trees ever! I love that he wants them in his room!

  3. Glad Noah likes doing this, since he needs to decorate one on Thanksgiving for the family banner!


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