Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Doilies

It seems like when it is the most inconvenient, I get the urge to craft. In this case, My hubby was working for 4 days in a row. It was just me and the kids for 4 whole days! Normally my mom would watch them at least one of those nights, but she had to work a ton too. My sis and I took the kids to the beach together which was tons of fun, but not really the ideal place to get crafty. Ha ha! Anyway, I managed to squeak out a craft that I think came out pretty cute. Wanna see??

O.k., I was debating between using white or beige linen-ish fabric. Ultimately I went with the beige. I cut my template out of card stock and got to work.

I traced my template on the fabric with pencil and used pinking shears to cut them out to eliminate fraying.
After my fabric pieces were cut, I gathered up my other supplies (iron, black fabric paint, foam brush, and paper doilies)
First step was to iron each piece so they were smooth.
Next, I folded down about an inch on the top and ironed it flat.
Now it was time to experiment with the paint. I have never done this before so I had no idea how it would turn out. I experimented with the placement of the doilies until I found out which placement I liked best. You just place the doily on the fabric, and dab on the paint using the foam brush. I also did a bit of paint outside the edge of the doily to get that cute lacey edge.

I let them sit over night and thought hard about what word I wanted my doilies to say. I plan on using this in my living room on my mantel so I wanted it to be meaningful. Hmmmmmmm. The next night (after the kids were in bed), round 2 of painting began.....while watching none other than Bachelor Pad. Awesome! I can feel my brain rotting as I watch it, but I don't care. I'm hooked!!!

As some of you know, I have recently started my adventures with sewing. Seriously people!!
Rebecca, if you are reading this, why does the backside of my fabric look like this?????????????

I originally wanted a red zig zag stitch across the top. I realized that I wanted to make sure I was sewing straight along the tab that I ironed flat so that I would have room to thread my twine through the top. Because of that, I decided to go with a straight stitch so I could sew it upside down. NOT!! (could you hear Wayne and Garth as I said that?). WHY DOES THE BACK SIDE OF MY STRAIGHT STITCH LOOK LIKE THAT??? WHY??? Arrrrrrg. Again,!
Plan B??? Hand stitch a running stitch with embroidery thread. Not my first vision, but I think it turned out alright. See!!

Here's a close-up for ya...

And the big picture :)
Cute?? Cute!!
When Josh works for multiple days in a row, I have a tendency to lose my patience with the kids a lot easier. I wanted this little bunting to remind me to be happy and really cherish the fact that my kids are happy, healthy, and full of energy. I know sometimes the 8 million questions Noah asks in a 20 minute period can seem exhausting. However, if I try to imagine what I might feel like if he wasn't able to ask them, my frustration instantly goes away. Perspective is the key. The key to being HAPPY! Every day is a gift and this bunting says it simply. HAPPY!


  1. very cute! i love it- i never would have thought of that on a banner and it worked out wonderfully!

  2. Ok, now this is seriously awesome!! Can you send some creativity my way?

  3. SEW creative hardy har! it looks like you need to adjust your tension. And make sure your bobbin is threaded properly. I need to know more about your machine to ba able to be more specific. And I think I may need to make me a banner like this, so cool!!!!

  4. You couldn't have said it better about perspective and being happy! I needed to hear that. and that bunting is so cute! Also, I think maybe the reason your stitches look like that on the back has to do with your tension. I could be wrong, I'm no pro. But when I change my tension settings sometimes that happens. Also, my hubby is named Josh too! :)

  5. I LOVE the way your bunting turned out and I LOVE the message :) Like some of the others have said, it looks like you need to adjust your tension. It's too loose. I usually keep mine around a 2 or 3, but different fabrics require different tensions. Hope that helps! And good for you for sticking with it!

  6. I love it Ali!!! I will think of your "Happy" saying when I am with my step kids for 8 days in a row, hee hee! Love you! k-

  7. I love this, Alli! A great word to look at daily. You should sell these in your shop!

  8. Such a good attitude, sister! I look up to you! Serenity now! xo

  9. This is so fun! First, I love banners. Second, I love the spilt thing you did. Love! Great project!

  10. Absolutely LOVE this!!! Sewing IS sew hard! lol! I keep thinking a new sewing machine would help, but it's prob the person trying to use it! lol!

  11. ooooh - you're so fancy! I love it!

  12. I love that bunting! Yep, the question phase can be day when my son, Zach, was about 4, he'd been asking alot of questions. Next he said, "Why do I ask so many questions?"


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