Saturday, August 6, 2011

"ing" ETC.

Hi friends :)
I'm using my fancy new computer today and haven't transferred over my pictures yet. No biggie because I was inspired by Cassie this morning and now plan to wow you all with my "ings." Ha ha! If you want to "ing" too, just copy and paste my answers into your own blog and then re-write in your own answers :)
Ready??? Ready!

Making: A new "bunting" type thingy for my house.
Cooking: Umm....well...does cereal count!?
Drinking: My morning cup of coffee with half and half and sugar. Mmmm mmmm!
Reading: Elizabeth Berg's Book called "Dream when you're feeling Blue."
Wanting: SO many things always. At the moment, new bedding for my bed and a shower curtain for the guest bathroom.
Looking: For a cheap place to buy Hayden a box spring (more on that later)
Playing: Dollhouse with Hayden - a ton! It's her favorite toy right now :)
Wasting: Money! The flowers I bought at Trader Joe's 2 days ago are DEAD!
Sewing: Nothing at the moment. Need to make pillows for my fancy guest futon.
Enjoying: Checking things off of our summer list. This week we checked off Wild Rivers, and the OC Fair! Both very fun looooooong days!
Praying: That my favorite neighbor Mary's cancer goes away. It's being very stubborn and resistant to treatment and we're scared for her. She's way too young to leave us so it just better go away!!!!!!
Waiting: for Hayden's big girl bed's head board and foot board to be delivered (yay)!
Liking: "the Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars (think that's how you spell his name).
Wondering: Why my kids can only play nicely together for a 2 minute span. Oh the yelling. Please stop the yelling!
Loving: MY NEW DINING SET!!!!!
Hoping: That one of baby Cora's siblings is a bone marrow match!!
Marvelling: at my new bright red home grown tomatoes :)
Needing: To start working out again. Ugh.
Smelling: Coffee....and dead flowers. Ha ha.
Wearing: Pj's
Following: Some of the coolest blogs on the planet.
Noticing: how bad I need a pedicure
Knowing: that this Summer is going WAY tooo fast!!!

Ok, now it's your turn to "ing!"

In other news.......The pic below is of our fresh from the ground YUMMY cherry tomatoes :) Mmm!
And.........this is their first meal at the new table (and I know - gasp - they eat in front of the tv).
And..........because this is where little hands full of cream cheese end up after eating a bagel,
This had to be done!
Hard to tell in the pic, but we covered the 2 chairs where the kids sit in a clear vinyl shower curtain liner. Ha ha! The little people in this house are MESSY! Josh suggested we use black trash bags, but I insisted that I spend the $2.34 on the clear curtain liner. I have some standards. Sheesh!!! Ha ha!
Happy Saturday people! 


  1. i am praying for mary, too.
    love your ings!!!
    and i am also waiting for september!

  2. so fun to read, I read Cassie's list too. I may have to do one... Great idea with the shower curtain chair covers! Oh, and you live Orange County California?!

  3. Fun list! I have little Cora on my prayer list and I wil add your neighbor, Mary. Have a great Sunday, Ali.

  4. love the "ings", sister!! Now, my turn! xo

  5. love all your answers! I need to do this too. And covering the seats with shower curtain liner is genius!


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