Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LUCKY ME, etc.

First on my sharing agenda today is my AWESOME giveaway win! Woo hoo!! You know some times when you enter random blog giveaways, and you really don't care if you win or lose? This was definitely NOT the case with this giveaway!! Have you been to PB&J Stories!? Pamela has an amazing blog, wonderful style, and is an all around sweet person! You definitely need to stop by her blog and check it out. You'll be hooked like I am, I know it!!
Anyway, here is what I won and I AM IN LOOOVE WITH IT!!! Like, for real in love with it!!

It is probably the most well made home-made sign I have ever seen! It is solid in construction, and all of the details are perfect! Look at the back: no glue blobs or any clues that this thing was handmade. I've seen way worse construction on items sold at places like home goods etc. Seriously awesome!
LOVE this detail!
Here is where my new "love" ended up :)

I love how it looks next to my new shower curtain too!
THANK YOU Pamela!!

My next lucky moment struck when the "jane of All Crafts" and I did some bartering. I traded her some of my Suzy Ultman prints in exchange for some "bling" for my laptop (which is named Harriet btw). See.....

My monogram and a swan = PERFECT!!!
Harriet is happy now :) YAY! Thanks Andi, you rock!

I also want to share a pic of our biggest tomato haul yet! Mmmmmm!

I also spent some time yesterday reworking my "gallery" in my living room. It takes some time to arrange it in a way that is pleasing to my eye, but I think I got it :)

I added a little map from my thrift store atlas. I seriously love maps :)

And lastly, this is where my canvas ended up. I wasn't feeling it over the mantle, but I am loving it here!!!
Ok folks, that's all for today :)
Happy Tuesday People!


  1. i love that heart!!! it is awesome! what a fabulous win- the yellow is so happy!
    and i love your vinly and where your artwork landed, too!
    and yes, this is considered more productive than instant messaging you. isn't it?

  2. What an awesome thing to win!! Looks great in your bathroom with that shower curtain that I am going to have cassie sneak back in her suitcase! :) The vinyl looks great, I was worried about the size but it looks like it works!

  3. Ali! Glad you are loving the size, it feels REALLY weird to have one of my signs shown on someone else's blog :)

    Hope it was the right size, I've recently had someone thought it was like 3'x3' from the pictures I posted and I was like UM! No :(

    Love your canvas you made, sooo adorable!

    Love you lady :) Glad you were the winner.

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  4. You are a lucky girl, love that sign! AND the laptop over too. congrats!

  5. I too love that sign. She really needs to start mass production so we can all have one! :) And the shower curtain from ME is a great accessory too! ;) Andi is definitely one of the best, and now Harriet is complete. Yays all around!

  6. Wait! What? Everything is so different now! I might get lost walking around your house next time I come over!

    It all looks great and I love your new sign!


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