Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not as floppy....

Happy almost Friday!!
Ok, so remember my canvas painting that I considered a "flop" (btw, I totally appreciate how sweet all of you were that commented on that post. I know some of you said you liked it because you were trying to be nice, and others of you actually did like it. I also know that I can be my worst critic...I think we all tend to do that at times. Anyway, thanks for lifting me up friends. You rock).
Anyway, I still didn't really have a clear idea of what I wanted to paint. Hmmmmm.
First, I painted over the hot air balloon (sorry to those of you that actually liked it).
bye-bye balloon...
You can see that the glue I used to adhere the balloon basket is all clumpy and icky. Bummer. Because of this, I knew I had to get creative. I pass by this store window in Laguna Beach every day as I drive the kids to their swimming lessons and it just makes me feel happy :)
Doesn't it just make you smile!? It's like a recipe for happiness, I just love it!
Inspiration??? Inspiration!!

I ended up re-striping the right half of the canvas in kind of a funky way. Then, I printed out each letter on old book pages and used mod podge to stick them on to the canvas. It's kind of like chic serial killer art :)

I played with the text a bit so there would be some upper case, some lower case, and some different fonts. I hand drew the cloud, the sunshine, and the heart with a black sharpie which worked out great. You can't really tell in the below pic, but I added some red glitter glue to the heart for that extra somethin' somethin'.

My husband nicely pointed out to me that he didn't really "get it" because if the person is reading it, they are actually here.

But I am taking it in a "here with us every day living our wonderful life" kind of way. Not necessarily HERE standing in our house at that moment. Are you with me on this?? He's wrong, right? Guys are always wrong!!  :)
I am definitely in love with the rainbowy-ness of the original shop window, but ended up going with a more neutral scheme for my living room. I think the finishing touch will be when I find (or make) a frame for it. I'm thinking shiny gold. Maybe teal. Not sure, hmmmmm. I'll show you the "after" shot to my "after" shot once it's framed :)
Do you like it?? Loathe it?? Are you like my sister in law and are not really a fan of "words as art in the home?" I like it, I'm happy, and I really do wish you were here (well, some of you anyway...ha ha)!

Bye :)


  1. love it! i love that saying and that window, too! and i think i love it because it speaks to me... i know you are saying you wish i was there. ;) soon, friend!

  2. What a cute saying, love it, good job!

  3. I just love the eclectic funk you create!

    Take care,

  4. FINE! I like it! Geez!

    Words in the Home - I'm not a fan. Shiny gold frames - I'm not a fan.

    Ali of My Third True Love - I'm totally a fan. :)

  5. Oh I love this even more!!! I think a yellow frame would be fabulous but I kinda have a thing for aqua and yellow ;)

  6. LOVING this!! I'm going to have to print on book pages because that is just to cute!

  7. This is such a fantastic project!! Love the saying and LOVE what you did with it : )
    Jaimee @

  8. I like it. :) It is!! And it still looks beachy chic, which is perfect for the end of summer :)

  9. you are so clever my friend! I love everything you make!! I need to hire you as my personal decorator! xoxo


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